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shay's rebellion

the courts took away farms and homes and livestock if theu were unable to pau their debts. armed farmers led by daniel shay shut down the courts

james madison

designed the virginia plan which advocated a national union that was both strong and republican.


division of power between the states and the nation.

judicial review

the power to decide the constiutionality of federal law


the bristish seized sailors from us ships to serve in the royal navy, a practice known as impressment

Monroe doctrine

Monroe and

adams announced a doctrine declaring that european monarchies had no business meddling with american republics

andrew Jackson

A sumbol of expanding democracy, He was known as a down-to-earth common man and a "war hero" which is why he was so well liked.

john c calhoun

Jackson's vice president

panic of 1837

at that time the nation's worst economic depression

Indian removal act

this law sought to negotiate the peaceful exchange of Indian lands in the south for new lands in Indian Territory.

Temperance movement

campaign to curb alcohol use

Horace Mann

the most influential leader of the public school movement

Joseph smith

Organized the church of latter day saints in 1830. Smith and his followers later became known as mormons

Dorothea Dix

Campaigned for better treatment of people with mental illnesses

Charles grandison finney

one of the most influential revivalists

nat turner

Led the best known slave revolt

William Lloyd Garrison

Boston printer who wrote the Liberator

Henry david Thoreau

Writer and philosopher who spent a night in jail and refused to pay a tax that supported slavery

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

A feminist quaker who had helped found the American Anti-slavery society

Susan b. Anthony

Involved with the abolitionist and temperance movement that inspired her to work for equal rights for women


A former mission that santa ana attacked

James k Polk

A democrat from tennessee who was elected president in 1844

Gadsen Purchase

The us bought land from mexico and planned to build a railroad across the continent

Treaty of guadalupe hidalgo

America won New Mexico and california

Wilmot Proviso

"Neither slavery noe involuntary servitude shall ever exist in any" lands

Personal liberty laws

this was in defiance of thefugitive slave act that forced citizens to turn in any fugitive slaves they found

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Published Uncle Tom's Cabin

John Brown

an abolitionist who moved his family several times in pursuit of opportunities to confront slavery

Kansas - Nebraska Act

kansas would organize as a slave state and nebraska would organize as a free state

Bleeding Kansas

violent outbreaks occured in kansas