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Bicameral legislatures are divided into how many houses?
What caused Shays' Rebellion?
farmers were upset about the failing economy, worthless money, and debt. They were being paid with worthless money, and when they couldn't pay their debts, they were thrown in jail.
What convinced George Washington to attend the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia?
Shays' Rebellion
What was the New Jersey Plan?
Trade could be regulated, taxes levied, and had a weak executive branch
representation equal
What was the Virginia Plan?
had a two house legislature, chief executive, and court system
representation based on population
what was the 'Great Compromise'?
Congress would be bicameral; have two houses. The lower world be based on population, the House of representatives and the upper would be equal; the Senate
What was the three fifths Compromise?
every five slaves counted as three free people for taxation and representation
What is federalism
when state and national government share power
Why did the Anti-Federalists oppose the ratification of the constitution?
there was no Bill Of Rights to protect individual freedoms
Why did the U.S. want Spain to grant them rights to the Mississippi River?
so they had access to the Gulf and could trade and transport goods in the West Indies
Rights embodied in early state constitutions could be traced back to what English document?
the Magna Carta
What caused the depression after the Revolutionary War
debt to the people and other countries
What did most Northern States focus on doing after the American Revolution
ending Slavery
What role did Rhode Island play at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787
they didn't attend
How do checks and balances impact the three branches of government
they share power; one can limit the another's power
why did the framers of the Constitution create a government with checks and balances
so one branch cannot become more powerful
how can Congress pass a law that the president vetoed
with a two thirds vote in both houses
who can declare war
What is the purpose of the preamble of the Constitution
to introduce the six principles the government was formed on; to introduce the six goals
what role did European writers play when the framers wrote the Constitution
the writer Montesquieu said powers of government should be separated and balanced, so the framers followed that idea, and carefully separated and specified the powers of government
What are the primary responsibilities of the executive branch
to enforce the laws
What court is at the top of the American legal system
the Supreme Court
how did the delegates to the Constitutional Convention limit the powers of government
by dividing the government into branches
how can a person become an American citizen
naturalization, born in the United States, or born of a parent who is a citizen
which major principle of the Constitution prevents any single group of institution from gaining too much authority
separation of powers
why did Gouverneur Morris begin the preamble of the Constitution with the phrase, 'We the people'
he wanted to emphasize the unity of people from every state
how many goals does the preamble describe for the United States government
What is the concept of due process
the idea that the government should follow certain procedures established by law
who represents Wisconsin in the U.S. Senate
Ron Johnson and Tammy Baldwin
who represents Beaver Dam and the surrounding congressional district in the House of Representatives
Tom Petri
Who is the governor of Wisconsin
Scott Walker
what is the term length for a U.S. Senator
six years
what is the term length for a person in the House of Representatives
two years
what is the term length for the Wisconsin governor
four years
how did our Bill of rights come about
Anti-Federalists believed that no government could be trusted to protect the freedom of its citizens; many states said they would not ratify the Constitution without a Bill of Rights
people who favor state government
a group of advisors to the president
checks and balances
the system in which each branch of government has a check on the other two branches so that no one branch becomes too powerful
concurrent powers
powers shared between the state and federal government
enumerated powers
powers specifically given to the federal government; limited to those listed in the Constitution
equal protection
everyone has the same rights
executive branch
the branch of government headed by the president that carries out the nation's laws and policies
when state and national government share power
people who favor a strong central government
judicial branch
the branch of government including the federal court system that interprets the nation's laws
legislative branch
the branch of government that makes the nation's laws
to grant full citizenship to a foreigner
popular sovereignty
the political theory that government is subject to the will of the people
the introduction to the Constitution
citizens rule through elected representatives
reserved powers
powers reserved for the states
limited government
the government can only do what the people give it power to do