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Pancho villa

Mexican revolutionary general and prominent figure in the Mexican revolution.

Kaiser Wilhelm II

Emperor of Germany and Prussia 188-1918,Last emperor.


British ocean liner that was sunk by a German UBoat ,Americans died giving a reason for US involvement in the war.

Selective service act 1917

Authorised the US Government to raise an army through conscription.

Fourteen Point

A statement of principles for peace authored by Woodrow Wilson at the end of WW1.

League of Nations

An intergovernmental organization founded at the end of the first world war,meant to keep the peace established.

Red Scare

Widespread fear of communism by both the government and the public.

Eighteenth Amendment

The amendment that prohibited the sale,distribution,importation or exportation of alcohol.


The era following the 18th amendment when people could not attain alcohol.

Carrie Chapman Catt

American woman's suffrage leader that campaigned for the 19th amendment.


Formed in 1909,an organization for the advancement of Colored people's.National civil rights organization.

The lost generation

The generation that came of age during WW1,many casualties resulted in a loss of the younger population.

Albert B Hall

Us senator and secretary of the interior understand Harding,involved in a bribery scandal from 1921-1922

Washington naval conference 1921

A meeting between 1921-1922 in which the world's major naval powers met in DC to discuss disarmament and growing tentions East Asia.

Kellogg-Byand Pact

A 1928 international agreement in which those involved agreed not to use war to resolve disputes.

Teapot Dome

A bribery incident in the US from 1921-1922

Robert M LaFollette

Leader of the US progressive movement and US senator from Wisconsin.

Hawley Smoot Tarriff

Tarriff of Imported goods as part of the national protectionist movement.

Andrew Mellon

US Treasury secretary from 1921-1931 know for lowering taxes on the American people.

Reconstruction Finance Corporation

A governmental corporation from 1932-1957 providing support to local and state government in the form of loans.

Hundred Days

The final period of the first world war.


A public relief program that operates from 1933-1942 for unemployed ummarried men as part of the new deal.


A federally owned corporation created to provide navigation electricity and other needs to the Tennessee valley.


The national recovery administration who's goal was to eliminate cut throat competition.

Supreme Court Packing

An act by FDR to expand the supreme Court by as much as 15 members.

New Deal

FDRs plans to provide relief to the American people after the devastation of the great depression.

Second New Deal

The second stage 1935-1936 of FDRs new deal programs.

Huey Long

Know for his populist agenda and desire to help the poor.

Social security act

An act that created a payroll tax funded basic pension to retiring Americans.

Wagner Act

A foundational act that provides public sector employees the right to unionise and engage in collective bargaining.

Good neighbor policy

The foreign policy of FDR particularly towards Latin America.

Neutrality act of 1937

An act by Congress outlawing arms sales to Spain.


Those that favored the US not get involved in foreign conflicts.


An act by Congress in which resources such as food,oil and materials where provided to the allies during WW1.

Tripartite Pact

Also known as the Berlín pact,a defensive millitary alliance by Germany Italy and Japan .

Cordell Hull

Longest serving US secretary of state,influential during the second world war years.

Pearl Harbor

A US naval Base in Hawaii,attacked by the Japanese Empire and prompted the US to get into the war.

Battle of the coral sea

A major battle between imperial Japan and The US airforce from 4-8, may 1942.

Battle of Midway

A decisive naval battle if the Pacific theater of WW2 6 months after the attack on Pearl harbor.

Tuskegee Airmen

A group of Africa American figther pilots during WW2,first pilots and prior to the establishment of the US airforce.

Japanese Internment

The forced Internment of Americans of Japanese decent during the WW2 years.

Casablanca conference

A meeting held on January 14 1943 to discuss the next phase of the war.Meeting between Churchill and Roosevelt.

Battle of Leyte Gulf

The largest naval battle in history and of the second world war.Fought off the philliphines.Permitted the US invasion of the phillipines.

Yalta Conference

Meeting between Roosevelt,Churchill and Stalin to discuss postwar reorganization.


Major Japanese city,site if the first atomic bomb used in a state of war.


A major Japanese city and he second site of a atomic bomb strike by the US during world war 2.