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Samuel Slater
Father of the Factory System; he escaped Britain with memorized plans for building textile machinery
Eli Whitney
Inventor of Interchangeable Parts and the cotton gin
Elias Howe
Invented the sewing machine. This majorly boosted operations in New England for clothing production
Samuel F.B. Morse
Invented the telegraph- made communication much easier, faster, and more dependable especially across long distances
Wage Slaves
First factory workers who were forced by law to not have unions to raise wages. Labor reform was on its way though
Lowell Girls
The daughters of poor farming families who were sent into the city (Lowell, MA) to make money for the family. They were given poor conditions in factories.
Catharine Beecher
urged women to enter the teaching profession. Here efforts payed off as schools bacame dominated by female teachers.
John Deere
Created a steel plowe in 1837
Cyrus McCormick
Invented the Reaper
Lancaster Turnpike
A hard-surfaced highway from Philadelphia to Lancaster, while traveling on it one had to pay a toll. Made in the 1790s, it was one of the first turnpikes, it was very succesful producing 15% revenue to investors
Robert Fulton
Kicked of the steamboat revolution with his steam power boat the Clermont in 1807. Quicker transportation, goes both up an down stream!
"Clintons Big Ditch"- aka the Erie Canal
Huge Canal stretching from Buffalo to past Albany at the Hudson. Reduced shipping prices by $95 increased shipping speed, encouraged MidWest farming in Indiana, Ohio, Illionios, etc
first one in 1828, at first not accepted for being too unsafe and taking away from Erie Canal investors, but eventually accepted
Cyrus Field
Stretched a wire underneath the atlantic connecting US and Europe.
Pony Express
A mail service that died out after 18 months due to lack of profits.
Finney and Cartwright
Two of the great revivalist christian preachers who spoke at camp meetings
Joseph Smith
Prophet of the Mormon Faith, was killed because of controversial beliefs concerning polygamy
Bringham Young
Took over when Joseph Smith was murdered. Led his people to Salt Lake City where they created a thriving community w/ a booming population
Horace Mann
Campaigned for an improved public schooling system, before him most teachers were drastically unqualified to teach, he was sec. of board of education in MA
Noah Webster
Wrote textbooks and dictionaries that helped improve the quality of learning in public schools
Public Secondary Schools
University of VA was made by Thomas Jefferson. More public secondary schools were popping up in the South w/ the education reform
Emma Willard
By 1820 Emma Willard help to bring integrity to women's colleges. She started the respectable school Troy Female Seminary
Mary Lyon
Started Mount Holyoke Seminary. A very well respected women's college.
Dorothy Dix
Went across the country touring different asylums. She was a key player in jail reform and mental health reform
The American Temperance Society
Formed in 1826, it moved to make alcohol illegal
Neal S. Dow
Father of the Temperance movement, supported the Maine Law of 1851
Lucretia Mott
A quaker who was a prominant feminist
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Very prominant feminist who advocated for women's suffrage
Elizabeth Blackwell
First female graduate of medical school
Seneca Falls Convention
Put on by Elizabeth Cady Stanton, she delcared Her Declaration of Sentiments at her woman's rights convention in Seneca Falls NY.
Washington Irving
Part of the Transcendental movement, he was one the first American author to recieve internation recognition for his book: KNICKERBOCKER'S HISTORY OF NEW YORK
James Cooper
Wrote THE SPY. Sold widely among Europeans
Oliver Holmes
wrote the poem THE LAST LEAF
Herman Melville