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Ecomienda system
abolished by the Spanish because it brutally exploited Native Americans
Spanish first moved to North American Southwest in order to
Find gold and other treasures
Middle Passage
Part of triangular trade system that carried slaves from Africa to the West Indies and N.A.
Trade between Africa and Portugal resulted in
The exportation of slaves from Africa
Columbian Exchange
Exchange of goods between the Americas and Europe and Africa
European colonization consisted of
Introducing diseases like smallpox
A nation can increase its wealth and power by obtaining as much gold and silver as possible by establishing a favorable balance of trade
Stamp Act
Opposition to it was stronger than the Sugar Act because it affected the colonists directly
Intolerable acts
Resulted in the formation of the first continental congress
Marquis de Lafayette
The arrival of him meant that Americans would receive help from the French
The bill of rights was added in order to
Appease the antifederalists’ concern over individual rights
How did the Americans win the battle of Yorktown
The British were almost completely surrounded and were outnumbered
Louis and Clark
Explored the Louisiana Purchase for the us
Sam F.B. Morse
Invented the telegraph
Invented the reaper
Monroe Doctrine
Aimed to prevent Russia from establishing permanent settlements in California
Annexation of Texas was delayed because
sectional conflicts over whether Texas was a slave state or not
William Tecumseh Sherman
Union general who burned a path of destruction through Georgia
Harriet Beecher Stowe
wrote novel the incited protests against the Fugitive Slave Act--Uncle Tom's Cabin
Robert E. Lee
general who surrendered the Confederate army to Union forces
Harriet Tubman
conductor of the underground railroad
Ulysses S. Grant
general who won at Vicksburg and became commander of all Unior armies
Stephen A. Douglas
U.S. senator who debated Abe Lincoln on slavery
Abe Lincoln
reuplican who won presidency in 1860
14th amendment
granted slaves citizenship
15th amendment
gave slaves the right to vote
Wounded Knee
marked the end of the wars between the federal gov. and the Plains Indians
former slaves from the south who settled on the great plains
Homestead Act
taken most by people seeking profits
making money from both gold and silver
plains farmers supported bimetaliism because
it would put more money in circulation
marked the collapse of Populism
the election of Wm. McKinely
Social Darwinism discouraged
government regulation
workers used to break strikes, unpopular with striking workers
what made it possible to construct skyscrapers in the 1800s
new methods of making steel
Interstate Commerce Act goal
to lower excessive railroad rates
Thomas Edison invented
the lightbulb and electricity
Bell invented
the telephone
main immigration processing station in San Francisco
Angel Island
Chinese Exclusion Act goal
decrease Chinese immigration
main goal of Americanization movement
assimilate people of various cultures into the dominant culture
settlement houses were founded by
social reformers
illegal use of political influence for personal gain
Tammany Hall
new york city political machine
ex. of patronage
appointing a friend to a political position
Pendleton service act required
apllicants for gov. jobs to pass exams
kept blacks in the south from voting
poll taxes, grandfather clause, and lit tests
effect of the trial of plessy v. ferguson
racial segregation was permitted for nearly 60 years
this development lowered the price of newspapers to a penny a copy
lower price for american timber used by paper mills
George Eastman
invented the Kodak camera with film
considered the most educated president
Woodrow Wilson
reform movement that sought to reutrn control of the gov. to the people
president of the U.S. who was a former president of Princeton and gov. of New Jersey
Woodrow Wilson
president whose actions split the republican party after he angered both progressives and conservationists
leader of woman suffrage movement
Susan B. Anthony
this state was the first to grant women full rights
3 main roots of american imperialism
desire for military strength, thirst for new markets, belief in cultural superiority
causes a crisis by threatening Hawaiian sugar growers with economic disaster
The McKinely tariff
recognizes the republic of Hawaii
Grover Cleveland