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The Civil War

Northern strategy = anaconda plan. Southern Strategy = offensive / defensive home court advantage. northern advantage was that they had more men more supplies and a naval fleet. Disadvantage was that they had poor leadership. southern advantages were that they knew the land they had a good leader and they were fighting for a cause. disadvantages were that they're black hated by the North running out of supplies and not as many men

Advantages and disadvantages of each side, strategies

reconstruction and the new South

Abraham Lincoln's percent plan , the Freedmen's Bureau, South has lingering scars, northern occupation, economic hardship. South had over reliance to cotton they expanded their farming industry and expanded their textile industry. southern farmers let their land up and rented out to families in need, rise of the KKK, segregation began

Crises of 1850s

The Gold Rush led to an influx of people to California. the California question will they be a free state or a slave state? Compromise of 1850 California becomes a free State, slave trade band in Washington DC, New Mexico in Utah or now territories, Texas New Mexico boundary, Fugitive Slave Act.

Freedmen's Bureau

Organization to help freed slaves: ease the transition from slavery to freedom money education shelter... Only as strong as the federal government allowed, they created schools and universities

Jesse James

Join the Civil War at 16 years old not as a soldier but it's part of the bloody bill Anderson's gang.. After the war he killed a bank clerk he thought was the killer of Anderson he rob banks trains and carriages nicknamed America's on Robinhood he was an outlaw


Southern men who believed in the southern cause but who were not part of the Confederate Army... Jesse James was considered one... They attack suddenly and usually leave no one alive, hide in the woods, close warfare


Northern Republicans who moved to the south to influence the political standing


Southern white men who side with the Republican Party


Also known as tenant farming, landowners would break up sections of the land and allow poor families to live there for rent

15th amendment

All male citizens have a right to vote, could not be restricted based on race and previous position of servitude... Ratified on February 3rd 1870 would not be fully realized for close to a century

14th amendment

Define citizenship rights and equal protection... Granted citizenship to all persons born or naturalized in the United States... For bed States from denied any person life liberty and property without due process of law ... Ratified on July 9th 1868

13th amendment

Completely abolished slavery... Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for a crime where of the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction... Passed by Congress January 31st 1865, ratified by States December 6 1865

Compromise of 1877

Rutherford B. Hayes becomes president / Republican... Democrats agree to accept the 14th amendment... Federal troops withdraw from the south

Oliver Otis Howard

One of the main leaders of the Freedmen's Bureau... He really tried to better the lives of freed slaves through education stop that that created a university for freed slaves called Howard University

Lewis Powell

Part of the Lincoln assassination conspiracy: plan to kill Secretary of State William Seward, managed to sneak into his house and stabbed him multiple times while he was in his own bed, he is able to flee but is caught at a boarding house owned by Mary Surral... He is tried and found guilty and later executed... William Seward manages to live

Robert E Lee

Leader of the Confederate Army... used Stonewall Jackson to threaten Washington DC which caused Union troops to split and allowed the south to win the battle 7 days... In Gettysburg we made his men charged Union forces that were on higher ground most of the men died and forced Lee to retreat... South was now on the defensive


Peace Democrats, they stay at home and complain about the war

Ulysses S Grant

Leader of the Union Army... Originally started as just a regular soldier where he later distinguished himself in the Battle of Fort Henry and Donelson... Battle of Shiloh made him realize this was a war of numbers... Known to be a drunk... he was able to capture Richmond the southern capital and end the war

Sherman's march to sea

Led by William T Sherman... Strategy- capture Atlanta Georgia in March all the way to the sea, destroying railroads, towns, crops, and livestock along the way... They wanted to break southern morale so they would just want to end the war

10% plan

Lincoln's plan that would allow the southern states to reenter the union... Required an oath of loyalty and the acceptance of abolition... Called the ten percent plan because only 10% of Southern States population had to swear the oath of loyalty.. Did not pass Congress

The Lincoln assassination conspiracy

Plot to kill Lincoln, Secretary of State William Seward and Vice President Andrew Johnson. All on the same night, only one assassination was successful

John Wilkes Booth

Leader of the plot to kill Lincoln, he was a popular actor, supported the south, he shoots and kills Lincoln at the theater, escapes but caught when he stops for medical reasons; he is shot and killed ... His original plan was only to kidnap Lincoln not kill him

George Atzerodt

Part of Lincoln's assassination conspiracy: plan to kill the Vice President Andrew Johnson, runs away without even trying, he is caught and tried for treason

William Lloyd Garrison

Owner of the Liberator, a leader among the anti-slavery forces, form the New England anti-slavery society and American anti-slavery society

The Liberator

Newspaper that printed out articles to abolish slavery

William Lloyd Garrison on the newspaper

Advocated immediate emancipation for African Americans, with no compensation for slaveholders

Worcester vs. Georgia

Samuel Worchester - wanted to help the Cherokee, teacher, thrown in jail for not having a teaching license... Georgia had passed a law that said teachers must have license to teach the Cherokees... Worchester took his case to court and one because in a previous trial Cherokees lost because they are non citizens, Georgia had no right to put laws against the Cherokee people because they are a separate nation

Cherokee removal

Andrew jackson was trying to move the Cherokees off their land and make way for western expansion... Treaty of New Echota-1835: signed by minority of Cherokee but was accepted as if all Cherokee land had been sold... Signed by John Ridge and Elias who were later killed by Cherokees that that that forced off their land, Trail of Tears 800 to 4,000 killed... Seminole Indians fought back fled into Florida swamp led to a 10 year war where American army finally gave up

John Ross

Is half Cherokee and the chief of the Cherokee Nation that that that tried to appeal to the federal government about the Indian Removal Act... And forth his law that any Indian who sold land was a traitor and would be sentenced to death

Henry David Thoreau

He left civilization to reflect on society

part of the transcendentalists: appreciation of nature, individualism and self-reliance

He believed that you had to do something to make people aware of the problems and accept the consequences: a way to challenge the law is to disobey the law, he was in jail for only one night before someone paid his tax

Henry Clay

Accused by Jackson of influencing the outcome of presidential election in 1824... Created a compromise that would gradually reduce Jackson's tariff... Part of the Whig party

Andrew Jackson

Orphaned as a child, hate Britain and Indian people... Took part in duels, killed a man ... Scandalous marriage to Rachel Robards... Wife died after purble attacks about the scandalous marriage made by Henry Clay... Run for president in 1828 wins and is known as the common man... Conflicts with Southern states and tariffs, vetoed bank bill and moved federal money to pet banks... Economy suffers with out a Federal Bank, paper money has no value

The Donner Party

Party of 70 plus people who took the California trail... They tried to take a shortcut over the Sierra Nevada, Hastings cutoff, winter came early and they got trapped... The forlorn hope, 15 people go for help 7 survive... Eventual rescue only half the party survived they ate those who had died

Emancipation Proclamation

Linkin waited until the Union Army had a big victory, Battle of Antietam... This would free all the slaves that were located in states that were in a state of rebellion... Northern states and border states were not included in this Act... Lincoln did not have control of the rebellious southern states to enforce this act

Compromise of 1850

California becomes a free state

Slave trade is banned in Washington DC

Texas New Mexico boundary is established

Texas and Utah become territories

Fugitive Slave Act: the right to track a slave who ran away into Northern Territory

Battle of Chancellorsville

Lasted from April to May, the Confederate Army won, Stonewall Jackson was killed because of friendly fire, even though the South won the battle losing Jackson was a huge blow to Southern morale

George McCellan

The first general in chief of the Union Army, beloved by the soldiers, he did not take chances with his men's life even if it could end the war, won very few battles and was not liked by Lincoln, eventually fired for not winning battles and taking risks, runs against Lincoln for presidency in the election of 1864... Because of a huge battle win Lincoln wins the presidency

Monitor vs Merrimack

The first two naval ships that donned iron armor

Monitor was a northern naval ship

Merrimack was a southern naval ship

Wooden ships turned in the iron warships indecisive but significant ironclads... * changed naval battle worldwide

Anaconda plan

Northern strategy to strangle the south, they blockaded the harbours with the Navy fleet and surrounded them on land this caused the south to run out of food and supplies

Jefferson Davis

Southern president he centralised the southern power with the conscription act 1862, levying taxes, food crops instead of cash crops, confiscation of supplies for troops, suspension of habeas corpus... Right to a just and swift trial got got got disliked by the southern citizens because of the political changes he was making





Elijah Lovejoy


Battles at Glorietta pass


Stonewall Jackson


West Virginia


Fort Sumter

Federal troops are at Fort Sumter: running low on rations, South does not want them there... Leave troops and re provision troops, South attacks fort, Lincoln declares south is in a state of rebellion and request 75,000 volunteers, upper southern states secede

Succession crisis

South Carolina secedes in 1860, the first to do so... Mississippi Florida Texas and Georgia follow in 1862

Election of 1860


Harpers Ferry raid


Abraham Lincoln


Sam Houston

Married to an Indian woman, member of Congress, a drunk... Against the expansion of slavery in the West, opposed succession... Leader of the Texas troops against Mexico withdrawals from Texas and causes Santa Ana to divide his troops into two... Texas is free from Mexico ... Capital named after Sam Houston

The Dred Scott decision

Works for the Army as a doctor with his master, moved around a lot with wife... His master died and he sues for freedom because he had lived in free states... Outcome: Scott could not sue because he was property not a citizen... Breaking point for the north

John Brown

Leader of the Pottawatomie massacre

Border ruffians

People who live in Missouri and sneak into Kansas to vote for slavery and then sneak back into Missouri

Pottawatomie massacre

Led by John Brown and his sons, ambush 5 pro slavers at Pottawatomie Creek

Bleeding Kansas

The fight for Kansas , Pro slavers and Free Soilers flood Kansas.... Kansas was about to become a state but the decision between if it would be free or slave state was undecided settlers where to vote... violence in Lawrence Kansas Pro slavers burn buildings and start killing people

Kansas Nebraska Act 1854

Divided Nebraska territory, established popular sovereignty in most territories , Missouri Compromise is void, big controversy

Uncle Tom's Cabin

Harriet Beecher Stowe... A book that condemn slavery, over 1 million sold by 1854... Cause many Northerners to finally see how bad this was and how it needed to stop


What to do with it

Fugitive Slave Act

Part of the compromise of 1850, it allowed southern slave owners to track down the runaway slaves in northern States... The problem was they were taking blacks who were never slaves and saying they had owned them

Stephen A Douglas


NAT Turner's rebellion




The gold rush

Gold was discovered in 1848 in Sutter's Mill... 49ers people who mine gold... Massive influx of people posed the question of statehood for California and if they would be a free state or not

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

Treaty that ended the war... recognized the border between Mexico and Texas as Rio Grande... The Southwest ceded to the US

The Mexican War

started with the boundary dispute with Texas and Mexico... US send troops pass the the boundary which sparked the start of the war... Lasted from 1846 to 1848 the Bear Flag Revolt annexed California and we claim New Mexico without any conflict... The Mexican government collapsed ending the war

54 - 40 or fight

5440 was the longitude and latitude of the Oregon Territory... Britain and the US shared control over this land, US compromised at the 49th parallel

James K Polk

Election of 1844, key issues Texas and Oregon, Democrat ran against Henry Clay, dedicated to western expansion, cited the Montreux Dr in for the Oregon question 54 40 or fight, annex Texas wanted California and the southwest, he sends troops towards Mexico and Texas which caused the Mexican War