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legislation that strengthened the rights of labor unions
Wagner Act
way of providing financial support for those who could not support themselves
Social Security system
Roosevelt’s relief, recovery, and reform plans to pull the nation out of the Depression
New Deal
government-funded projects to build public facilities
public works programs
Why did FDR declare a “bank holiday” early in his administration?
to inspect the financial health of the banks
Which New Deal agency was created to help businesses?
National Recovery Administration
Which of the following aroused the greatest opposition?
a.the Wagner Act
b.the Social Security system
c.FDR’s attempt to “pack” the Supreme Court
d.government funding of the arts
FDR’s attempt to “pack” the Supreme Court
First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt defied tradition by
actively and aggressively promoting the New Deal.
Many Republicans criticized the New Deal for
going too far in its attempts to reform the economy
Which of the following best characterizes Roosevelt’s first hundred days in office?
a.He abolished the banking system and government building projects.
b.He avoided direct action and sent problems to committees for study.
c.He pushed Congress to pass legislation to improve the economy.
d.He concentrated on programs that strengthened big business.
He pushed Congress to pass legislation to improve the economy.
Which statement best describes Roosevelt’s bid for reelection in 1936?
He won by a landslide.
Under the New Deal, labor unions were
legalized and grew stronger.
All of the following New Deal agencies still endure today except the
a. Tennessee Valley Authority.
b. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
c. Civilian Conservation Corps.
d. Securities and Exchange Commission.
Civilian Conservation Corps.
The massive government spending of the New Deal led to
a.the end of the Depression.
b.some short-term economic improvement but created deficit spending.
c.created hope for many suffering Americans.
d.Both b and c.
Both b and c.
Which of the following was part of the New Deal legacy?
a.guaranteed health insurance for all citizens
b.an end to recessions in the economy
c.a restored sense of hope among the people
d.an end to discrimination against African Americans and women
a restored sense of hope among the people