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Zachary Taylor
hero of the Mexican War who won the election of 1848
Franklin Pierce
Democrat who won the election of 1852
Stephen A. Douglas
Democratic Senator from Illinois who envisioned a transcontinental railroad
John Sutter
owned land in California where gold was discovered
Henry Clay
Compromise of 1850
Daniel Webster
"Seventh of March" Speech
Millard Fillmore
became President after Zachary Taylor died
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Uncle Tom's Cabin
John C Fremont
Republican nominee in 1856 election
James Buchanan
won election of 1856
John Brown
abolitionist who resorted to violence; Harper's Ferry Raid
Dred Scott
sued for his freedom
Roger Taney
issued decision in Dred Scott case
Abraham Lincoln
lost to Stephen Douglas for Senate in 1858, but won Presidential election of 1860
John C. Breckinridge
Southern Democrat nominee in election of 1860
John Bell
Constitutional Party nominee in election of 1860
Stephen A. Douglas
Northern Democrat nominee in election of 1860
Jefferson Davis
President of Confederate States
John J. Crittenden
proposed amendments to Missouri Compromise
Gen. Pierre T.G. Beauregard
CSA Commander who fired on Ft. Sumter
Major Robert Anderson
Federal Commander of Ft. Sumter