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end to fighting
Aaron Burr
vice president under Jefferson after election of 1800
William Henry Harrison
governor of Indiana Territory persuades Native Am. to sign away 3 million acres of territory to U.S.
Andrew Jackson
fights against British to defend New Orleans, wins
Treaty of Ghent
1814, ends fighting against the British
seal up ports, prevent ships from entering or leaving
Judiciary Act of 1801
increases federal judges to16, Pres. Adams appoints Federalists to most of the positions, This controls political direction of future judicical decisions
Daniel Boone
frontier guide, led clearning of road from Virginia to Cumberland Gap, major route for western migration
young Native American woman, interpreter/guide for Lewis and Clark expedition
How did the Louisiana Purchase affect the U.S.?
With this purchase size of the U.S. doubles, power of the pres. and central government is expanded
War Hawks
young Congressmen from South and West. object to presence of Native American in Indiana Territory.
midnight judges
judges appointed by Pres. Adams on his last day in office
How did Jefferson make the federal government simpler?
He reduce the size of the army, stopped making the navy bigger, did away with internal taxes
How did the South dominant the federal politics at the time of Jefferson?
Jefferson was the first pres. to take office in Wash., D.C. He was from the South as were the next two pres.
organizes fight for homeland against intruding white settlers
What was the importance of Marbury v. Madison?
It sets the principle of judicial review. Spreme Court is able to declare act of Congress unconstitutional.
Why did the Federalists lose power during Jefferson's presidency?
The Federalists did not want to look to the common people for support. Repbulican was growing. Rep. support farm, settlers in West vote Rep. as result
ban on exporting products to other countries
What were the important results of the Lewis and Clark expedition?
valuable info about the West, showed transcontinental travel was possible, opened the way for settlement in the West