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What was the Mason Dixon line?
The line that separated the north from the south, anything north would be free, anything south would be a slave state.
What was the Missouri Compromise?
Slavery was now illegal in the north, yet if a southern slave runs away to the north he/she can be brought back.
Compromise of 1850
No slavery in the west or any Mexican territory. Congress will not regulate slavery
Fugitive Slave act
The southerners can now go after the underground railroad
What was the battle of Bull Run and who won?
The first major battle of the civil war. The south won.
What was the battle of Antietam and who won?
1&1/2 years later. Win for the Union. McClellan did not run after the Confederates so Lincoln fired him.
What was the emancipation proclamation and what effect did it have?
It freed the slaves. The South does not recognize it and slavery continues in the southy
Why was the battle of Gettysburg important?
It was the turning point in the war. Lee lost a ton of men and this was the last time the south ever invaded the north
What two companies built the railroads?
The Central Pacific and the Union Pacific
When and where were the railroads completed?
On may of 1869 in Promontory Utah
What were some reasons for the railroads?
Easier travel,
Industrial Competition with other countries,
Link trade ,
Law and Order in the west,
What happened to the buffalo?
Hunters would shoot buffalo from trains, the buffalo were almost extinct.
Where did the Central Pacific start?
Sacramento California
Where did the Union Pacific start?
Omaha Nebraska
What were the requirements of the homestead act?
You must be over 21 years of age,
you must be the head of the family,
You must be a natural born citizen,
You must never had taken arms against the US,
What were some reasons for the farmer's misfortune?
The fall of crop prices,
Good farm land is scarce,
banks foreclose loans,
Railroads charge high shipping prices,
What is populism?
Political movement demanding the government favor the people instead of the "privileged elite"
How was daily life in 1865?
New inventions kept making the standard of living higher in the United States
How did electricity affect daily life?
Electric lighting let factories stay open all night and continue work. Refrigeration was now made possible.
How do cities grow rapidly?
Steel, the new Bessemer process allows steel to be made quickly and cheaply.
How do strikes usually turn out?
Employers increase work hours and decrease wages,
People get angry and strike,
Production stops,
The police or mercenaries come in and break up the strike,
People usually die.
What were some reasons for European Immigration?
Relatives write to them telling them of how rich America is.
Some seek religious, political, or social freedom
Why did the Chinese immigrate?
The gold rush,
Work on the railroads
When was the Chinese exclusion act passed?
What are some examples of African segrigation in America?
African exclusion from education,
Segregation laws passed in the south,
What effect did advancement in printing and education have?
Higher literacy rate (90%),
Affordable paper,
Electric printing on both sides,
Affordable newspapers,
Cheap Entertainment,
What is progressivism?
A social movement that called for economic reform and social behavior reform
What are some of Teddy Roosevelt's accomplishments while president?
The youngest president ever,
He filed 44 lawsuits under the Sherman "anti trust" acts,
He settled a coal strike peacefully,
Food Regulation,
He made conservation of the enviornment a major issue,
What are some reasons for American Imperialism?
Cultural Superiority
New Markets
Military Strength
What are some reasons for the Spanish American War?
Freedom for the Cuban people
Fear of invasion from Spaniards from Cuba
What was the boxer rebelion?
Groups of Chinese rebels fought against foreign influence
What were the two events that led America to be a world power.?
Roosevelt peacefully ended a war between Japan and Russia. Construction of the Panama Canal
What was significant about the Panama Canal?
It greatly reduced shipping time from East Coast to West Coast
What life like in Trench Warfare
Death was all around,
tons of living things,
How was the average day for a WW1 soldier
1:Stand to
2: breakfeast
4: may be an attack scheduled for night