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Samuel Adams
Influencial political person
What was the Commitee of Correspondence
One of the groups set up by American colonists to exchange information aboutBritish threats to their liberties
Townshend Acts
Made by Charles Townshend who proposed new revenue laws in 1767.
An increase in prices or decline in purchasing power caused by an increase in the supply of money
Olive Branch Petition
July 8, 1775 when congress sent this treaty wanting an old harmony to return to British and the colonies. King George said no and assumed rebellious actors and put blocks on American coasts.
The belief that all people should have equal rights
Stamp Act
Put prices on paper goods
Marcial Law
Temporary rule by military rather than civilian authority
Declaration of Independence
Made by Thomas Jefferson and sparked intrest of John Locke. It said king took away rights and all men are queal.
The seeling of goods in short supply at inflated prices
Common Sense
Thomas Paine. Attacked King George and monarchy.
Supporters of American independence. Sacrificed lives, fortune and sacred honour
Second Continental Congress
Meeting where loyalties of the colonists caused many debates.
Fredrich Von Reuben
Prussin cept and drill master who helped Washington at Valley Forge.
King George III
King mad at Boston Tea Party thing, and made act by parlaiment in 1774 called the Intolerable Acts.
Jefferson got ideas from
John Locke and the Enlightenment (Ben Franklin)
Place on Peninsula where Cornwallis made mistake of setting camp with 7200 men.
Principal Author of Declaration of Independence
Thomas Jefferson
Treaty of Paris
Treaty confirming US independence and set boundaries stretched from Atlantic to Mississippi river from Canada to Florida.
Wanted his men to all meet in S. Carolina
Marquis de Lafayette
French aristured. He loved the Americans and held winter as member of Washingtons crew.
Valley Forge
Winder camp place where Washinton and his army struggled to stay alive.
Three Delegates from Georgia that signed the Declaration
Gwinnett, Hall, Walton
People who rode to Lexington
Revere, Gawes, someone else who actually got there
Introduction sentence
Those who oppesed independence and stayed with Crown.