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Big stick diplomacy

Roosevelt's diplomacy (speak softly and Cary a big stick)

14 points

Woodrow Wilson's war aims and his vision for peace after the war

19th amendment

Gave woman the right to vote

Al capone

Racketeer against prohibition

American federation of labor

Formed by Samuel Gompers, focused on wages, work hours, and working conditions


Helped newcomers learn English and adopt American dress and diet

Andrew carnegie

Steel tycoon

Angel island

San Francisco bay

Ellis island

New York harbor

Bernard baruch

Head of WIB, regulated all industries engaged in the war effort

Boss tweed

New York state senator who plundered millions of dollars from the city's treasures

Calvin coolidge

Vise president who took over when Hardin died "the business of America is business"

Clayton antitrust act

Strengthened earlier antitrust laws by spelling out activities in which they couldn't engage

Convoy system

Groups of merchant ships sailed together protected by warships


Group ownership, a number of people share a buissiness

Direct primary

Citizens vote for nominees

Emilio aguinaldo

Filipino nationalist who defeated the Spanish army

Espionage act

Allowing postal authorities to ban treasonable or seditious newspapers

Federal reserve act

By Woodrow Wilson , established the central banking system of the us


Bible is literal truth

George creel

Director of the CPI appointed by wilson

Gifford pinchot

Roosevelt used his ideas of rational use, he also led the division of forestry in the US department of agriculturr

Herbert hoover

1874-1964 president, embraced active economic plan, urged for more jobs,

Horizontal integration

Many firms in the same buissiness


Gave people power to put a proposed new law directly on the ballot by signatures on a petition


Aggressive nationalism

John d rockefeller

Oil tycoon

John j pershing

Experienced soldier and leader who fought in several wars before the beginning of American involvement

League of nations

Wilson asked for it, to secure mutual relationships


Payment for war damages


Sunk by German u-boat may 7, 1915

Moral diplomacy

Wilson's diplomacy promoted human rights, national integrity, and opportunity


Writers who dramatized the need for reform


Helped African americans be physically free, mentally free and, politically free


Wanted women to vote

Ohio gang

Harding's friends who wanted to get rich by working for the gov

Open door diplomacy

America doesn't wanna bu8ld colonies, just trade

Pendleton act

Individuals who wanted to work for the gov had to take the exam

Platt amendment

Gave America power over cuba

Please V ferguson

Separate but equal

Populist party

Wanted free silver


Remove public workers before term was up


Allowed citizens to approve or reject laws

Red scare

Fear of communism

Scopes trial

Evolution in school?

Settlement house

Community center that provided social service to the poor

Social gospel

End of child labor and child workday

Sherman antitrust act

Outlawed antitrust that operates in restraint of trade or commerce

Social darwinosm

Natural selection