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In a democracy, the interest of the few must be elevated above the interest of the many.
In a democracy, all people have equal abilites
In a democracy, the strongest is always right
In a democracy, everyone enjoys total freedom
Compromise is vital to the decision makeing process of a democracy
In a unitary government, political power rests in the hands a central agency.
A confederate government has little power to act on its own.
Dictatorships are the oldest and most common form of government in the world.
In a representative democracy, all people have a say in what policy should be
The present United States government is a confederate government
Wherever there is ______, no government exists to control the actions of individuals.
The people themselves-rather than representatives-make government policies and laws in a
direct democracy
Under system of _____, the executive must resign if defeated by the legislature on an important
parlimentary government
Decisions reached through______, merge different viewpoints into a generally accepted plan of action.
Independent states that agree to form a ______, may still remain soverign
This government requires that power be divided between central and local levels of
To be both accountable to the people and manageable, most democratic governments rely on a system of
representative democracy
Which of the following is not a basic concept of democracy
rights of the minority not respected
In a democracy, compromise is used to
reach a majority agreement
Which of the following is an expression of the balance between freedom and anarchy?
The right to swing my fist ends where the other person's nose begins
On which of the following does democracy place its highest value?
Free exchange of ideas
How does democracy served the varies needs of its citizens when forming public policies?
through compromise
Which of the following is Not important in classifying governments?
era during which the government took place
Which of the following is a characteristics of a presidential form of government?
the executive and legislative branches can checki each other.
What is a typical way for a dictator to gain power?
by force
In a democracy, soverignty is located
with the people
Which term describes when a dictator holds complete control over a society
Which of the following statements about soverign states is not true?
Sovereign states may be possessed by other states
The evolutionary theory emphasizes which of the following
Which purpose of government is concerned with other countries
providing for the common defense
Which statement best describes the social contract theory
States began when people agreed to give up power to the state to promote the general well being
Which of the following is a result of the government's concern about the general welfare of its citizens
establishing schools, protecting the environment, and safety codes for foods.
Which of the following is Not necessarily a characteristic of a state
Public debate over government policies would pose a threat to most
dictator ships
Among the purposes of the US government spelled out in the Constitution is to
provide for justice and promote general walfare
Which statement about the social contract theory is Not true
the state is a natural etension of the family unit