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Kolkata (Calcutta)
-Situated in north-east India
-Contains almost 15 million people
-One of India's largest and most rapidly growing cities
-The Hooghly River is near Kolkata
The Unplanned Development of Shanty Towns
-Most people live in bustees (shanty towns)
-Kolkata's bustees contain more than 4 million people
-Bustees are unplanned, so homes are packed closely together
-Makeshift homes are made of wood, straw or even fattened metal boxes or barrels
-Bustee dwellers are squatters - they do not own the land that their homes are on
Lack of Services
-Water supplies: Most 'pavement people' haven no clean water
-Sanitation facilities: Open sewer run through the city, and this endangers people's health
-Bustee schools: Poorly built, badly equipped and very short of money. Most children do not attend school
-Public transport: Generally very poor. Buses are old and overcrowded