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Which ligament of elbow joint is supplied by the ulnar nerve ?

Medial ligament or the ulnar collateral ligament. Ulnar nerve lies in contact with it and supplies it as well.

Course of ulnar nerve in forearm.

1.Ulnar nerve enters forearm by passing between the two heads of flexor carpi ulnaris.

2. Descends between flexor carpi ulnaris (roof as flattened aponeurosis) and flexor digitorum profundus (floor).

3. Ulnar artery lies lateral to it.

4. Just proximal to the wrist, ulnar nerve emerges from behind the tendon of flexor carpi ulnaris.

5. Passes infront of flexor retinaculum.

Branches of ulnar nerve in the forearm.

It gives no branches in the arm.

1.It gives dorsal branch before emerging from behind the tendon of flexor carpi ulnaris ---supplies dorsum of the hand.

2. Also gives small palmar cutaneous branch which pierces the deep fascia proximal to the flexor retinaculum and supplies skin of the hypothenar eminence.

3. Muscular branches

4. Articular.branches to elbow joint.

Which fibers supply flexor carpi ulnaris ?


Which fibers supply flexor digitorum profundus ?

C8 T1

At which bony sites can the ulnar nerve be palpated ?

1. Humerus, in the groove behind medial epicondyle.

2. Ulna, against medial side of coronoid process..more readily palpable.

3. Superficial branch can be palpated on the hook of hamate.

Course of ulnar nerve in hand..

1. Enters the hand infront of flexor retinaculum.

2. Passes on the radial side of pisiform bone and medial to ulnar artery.

3.Here Divides into superficial and deep branch.

Branches of ulnar nerve in hand.

1. Superficial branch..supplies palmaris brevis and little finger and ulnar side of ring finger.

2. Deep branch..lies within the concavity of deep palmar.arterial arch nd supplies..

a) Oppens digiti minimi

b) Abductor digiti minimi

c) flexor digiti minimi

d) 2 medial lumbricals

e) all interossi

f) both heads of adductor pollicis

Describe guyon canal.

The guyon canal is a fibrosseous canal formed by the slender extension of flexor retinaculum and pisiform and hamate.

Contents of guyon canal.

1. Ulnar artery 2. Ulnar nerve.

Where is the ulnar nerve most commonly damaged ?

Most commonly.damaged at the elbow due to fracture of medial epicondyle.

Ulnar nerve injury can occur at the wrist due to ,

Laceration or cut at wrist, it lies superficial to flexor retinaculum.

What is the typical deformity caused by the ulnar nerve injury ?

Claw hand

Which vasomotor defecits are produced due to injury of ulnar nerve ?

Dry and warm skin due to loss of sympathetic innervation leading to loss of sweating.