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The chapter introduction tells the story of federal investigator Lorena Hickok to make the point that
Depression bound Americans found hope in liberal social welfare programs of an activist federal government
The dust storms that devastated the plains resulted from all of the following except
logging of the region's trees
One result of the "Dust Bowl" was that
several million people on the plains abandoned their farms
During the Depression, the federal government began to deport
The story of the "Scottsboro boys" illustrates the point that the Depression
inflamed racial prejudice
As Herbert Hoover entered the presidency in 1929, all of the following were true of him EXCEPT that he
was a self-preoccupied investment banker
Herbert Hoover's response to the Great Depression can be best summarized as
initially, a voluntarist apporach to both recovery and relief, but then an unprecedented series of active government measures
Which one of the following best describes President Herbert HOover's initial approach to the Great Depression, as your text portrays it?
efforts to promote the same kind of relationship between government and business that he'd advocated during his term as secretary of commerce
At first, President Hoover tried to stimulate the economy
indirectly by encouraging cooperative private initiative
Besides the defeat of the discredited Hoover, whta else did the election of 1932 accomplish?
It solidified the shift to a Democratic party majority
Which statement about the New Deal is true?
Labor Unions, taking advantage of New Deal Legislation, secured impressive gains despite Roosevelt's aloof attitude
During her years as First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt
was a passionate spokeswoman for the underdog and the disadvantaged
The New Deal's first step to achieve recovery dealt with
One of the most important achievements of the New Deal in the area of banking was included in a 1933 act. This key reform
was the Federal Deoposit Insurance Corporation, so that the goverment would guarantee bank deposits
The National Recovery Administration and the Agricultural Adjustment Administration shared what strategy to stimulate the economy?
a voluntary, private sector-government partnership to limit production and raise prices
Which of the following did the Supreme Court declare wholly or partly unconstitutional
National Recovery Act and Agricultural Adjustment Act
In the "Second New Deal," Roosevelt did all of the following EXCEPT
establish full economic recovery
Which program was enacted during the Second New Deal
an insurance program for the elderly
With the election of 1936, your text points out
class replaced region as the dominant element in American politics
roosevelt's administration, under the prodding of Eleanor Roosevelt and Harold Ickes,
began to support racial integration and banned discrimination in certain programs
What best describes the character of the post office murals painted during the Depresion
they showed common folk from the region doing common, traditional tasks
The New Deal, according to the assessment in your text, offered a legacy in all the following ways EXCEPT
bringing recovery from the Great Depression
the chapter introduction tells the story of Hawaiian pipefitter John Garcia to make the point that
the attack on Hawaii and subsequent global war taught Americans that htey could not be isolated from the perils of the rest of the world
What did Hoover allow his secretary of state, Henry Stimson, to do in response to the Japanese takeover of Manchuria?
refuse to recognize the new Japanese territories
What was NOT a principle or strategy that unified the diverse group known as isolationists?
support for the Lend-Lease Act
The Nye Committee hearings in the 1930s popularized the idea that a key factor leading the United States into World War I had been
the need to protect American bank loans to the Allies (which were used to buy arms from US manufacturers)
The neutrality legislation of the 1930s was based on the assumption that the United States could keep out of war by
banning arms sales to the countries at war
Concerning the background to the Pearl Harbor attack, which of the following statements is true?
Before Pearl Harbor, the US provided substantial military aid to the British and Russions
During WWII, the US was a part of the "Grand Alliance," which included all of the following EXCEPT
To assist Great Birtain after the fall of France in 1940, President Roosevelt
devised ways to provide aid without going to war
Concerning the aftermath of the Pearl Harbor attack, which of the following statements is NOT true?
Because of American outrage over Pearl Harbor, both Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill agreed that the Pacific war against Japan would be their priority military objective
Which Soviet City was NOT being threatened by Nazi forces by the end of Summer in 1942?
After Allied forces in North Africa were halted at the Kasserine Pass, which general regrouped them and mastermined an impressive string of victories
Collectively the Allies, despite early defeats, enjoyed significant strengths that would bring victory in the long haul, including all EXCEPT
a professed public commitment to Wilsonian ideals that managed to sustain morale
Choose the correct sequence of campainging on the western front in the European theater of operations: I. Cross-channel invasion; II. Invasion of Italy; III. North Africa Campagin; IV. Invasion of Sicily
The text makes a point that minorities in the US
enlisted to become a part of the American mainstream
What government body was created to help implement Executive Order 9902, which forbade discrimination by race in hiring government and defense industry workers?
Fair Employment Practices Committee
Which statement regarding the "miracle" of war production is most accurate?
US achievements in war production proved as important to the Allied victory as success on the battlefield
What happened to the New Deal during the war?
An anit-New Deal coalition moved to end many New Deal programs, and the president adapted to the new political environment
Roosevelt established the _______, similar to the agency Wilson had created during WWI, to ease tensions between business and labor and end labor strife
War Labor Board
Most Americans viewed war work for woman as
a temporary response to the war emergency
General MacArthur did in fact make his propheitc return to the Philippines on October 1944, when he splashed ashore on the island of
With respect to Japan, the Yalta Conference provided for
the return of Russian territories
The text portrays the key agreements at the Roosevelt-Churchill-Stalin Yalta Conference of 1945 as
a series of compromises and US concessions, relying on Soviet cooperation for fulfillment
The vast majority of Nazi Germany's war casulties occured
on the Eastern Front
The first city attacked with atomic weapons was
At the Potsdam summit,
Truman, Churchill, and Stalin agreed on occupying Germany, but had to compromise on reparartions
The Chapter introduciton recounts the stories of returning GI Timuel Black and nurse Betty Basye. The point drawn from these anecdotes is how
differnet from "normal" life became as the American government met the internation and economic challenges of peacetime
America's basic cold war strategy emerged when the Truman administration adopted the reconmmendation of US diplomat and Soviet specialist George Kennan. This strategy is known as the
containment doctrine
Several factors explain the rise of the cold war. Which of the following does NOT describe these factors?
economic: both the US and USSR were economically devastated after WWII
Four key initiatives in the Truman administration set the basic pattern for implementing the strategy of containment. Which was NOT one of these initiatives?
over specified potential targets within Russian territory
"The Truman Doctrine marked a new level of America commitment to a cold war." On what basis does the text make this stament?
Truman's pledge to support free peoples who resisted totalitarian takeover signaled an open-ended intent to oppose the Soviets anywhere in the world
What did the secretary of tstae offer in his Marshall Plan
to provide financial aid to rebuild Europe's war-torn economies
In addition to Communist takeovers in Hungary and Czechoslovakia, what else did the Soviets do to try to cement their holdon Eastern Europe/
block Western access to Berlin
In response to the United States' proposal for a US led international atomic agency to supervise the mining and use of the world's atomic raw materials, the Soviet Union
demanded nuclear disarmament before any agreement would be made
In the absence of sufficient US troops to confront the Soviet army in Eastern Europe, what defense strategy was developed by the late 1940s?
nuclear deterrence
What fueled the postwar economic boom
both private sector and public sector spending
What statement about he postwar world of work is most accurate
Minority workers lost their jobs through the practice of "last hired, first fired."
All of hte following foces stymied Truman's efforts to revive the New Deal EXCEPT
un-met demands of veterans
The Taft-Hartley Act of 1947
restricted the power of labor unions
Truman's postwar New Deal and Fair Deal efforts were largely frustrated by conservatitive opposition. But one unparalleled succes was
the GI Bill
Which statement about what might be termed the "second Red scare" after WWII is true?
The administration, the House, and the Senate all conducted probes of possible subversive activity
Whit his "Fair Deal," Truman hoped to keep his working coalition of ________ together
labor and farmers
Who was Alger Hiss
a high ranking American government official convicted of lying about his association with a known Communist
Among the "shocks of 1949" was the
fall of China to Mao Zedong's Communists
McCarthyism primarily and fundamentally reflected
the fears and hatreds of many Americans, who were suspicious of thing foreing, liberal, internationalist, European, or intellectual
Senator Joseph McCarthy's popularity in his crusade against domestic Communists finally began to slide after McCarthy
was televised badgering witnesses and mocking Senate procedures during Senate hearings
NSC-68, a proposal of Truamn's National Security Council, called for
massive US defense expenditures to counter the worldwide Soviet threat
What was the offical status of the American force fighting in Korea?
an authorized agent of a United Nations police action
General MacArthur was relieved of his command in Korea because he
publicly opposed Truman's policy of limited war in Korea
How did the Korean War finally end?
Amilitary deadlock and protracted negotiations finally ended in an armistice that maintained a divided Korea
The chapter introduction uses the automobile as a symbol for the 1950s in order to make the point that
a culture of mobility developed, featuring...and a high degree of moevement, especially to the suburbs
All of the following help explain the irse of suburbia EXCEPT
"white flight," which lured rural residents to the glamour and high living standards of metropolitian areas
Which one of the following was NOT a major social or economic trend of the post-World War II era?
a cultural...enthusiastically supported by all segments of society
Church membership in the 1950s
grew to more than half the population for the first time in the twentieth century
Religion in the 1950s was
one way Americans in suburbia maintained a sense of identity and community
Which stereotype of women was most common in the 1950s?
domestic and motherly
Which of the following was NTO an environmental cost of the 1950s suburban housing boom?
environment impact fees
In your text, a comparision is made between Khrushchev, a party stalwart with a formidable intellect and agrarian orgins, with another farm-belt politician, _______
Modern Republicanism in practice meant
fiscal conservatism
What phrase did President Eisenhower coin to describe the vulnerable neigbbors of a country like Vietnam with a Communist takeover
"a row of dominoes"
For corporationsi n the 1950s, diversificationa nd conglomeration were
hedges against major recessions
Which of the following statements about he domestic policy style of the Eisenhower era is most accurate?
"Ike's" presidency stressed a pragmatic and moderate approach
Which of the following was NOT true at the height of the cold war in the 1950s?
The ohstility between the SU and the USSR grew more and more intense and uncompromising
Which fo the following statements about he foreing policies of the Eisenhower era is NOT true?
Because of the Berlin blockade, the summit meeting shceduled for 1960 between Eisenhower and Khrushchev was never held
Just before leaving office in 1961, Esienhower warned maericans of the
dnagers of the military-industiral complex
All of the following offered, directly or implicitly, conscious dissent from the consensus-oriented, organizeational culture of the 1950s EXCEPT
the TV preachers
The cornerstone of Kennedy's foreign policy in Latin America was a program known as
the Alliance for Progess
In April of 1961, a 1400-strong army of poorly-equipped Cuban exiles landed at
the Bay of Pigs
What event was Khrushchev speaking of when he said the world had come close to "destorying the human race?"
the Cuban missile crisis