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List and describe components included in the basic client unit
furniture (bed), linens, toilet equipment and other articles such as water pitcher, drinking glass, call bell, privacy curtain, tv/vcr and phone
Compare and contrast the basic client unit in the hospital, long-term care, and home care settings
(1) In the basic client unit of the hospital, the client may be in a private or semi-private room or ward with three or more beds
(2) long-term care

(3) home care settings the client unit is the primary area where the client receives care; i.e. bedroom or main living room
Discuss the relationship between housekeeping procedures and client safety
Good housekeeping helps prevent infection and accidents. Equipment/supplies are arranged for efficiency. Consistency helps maintian order and helps clients to feel secure. Each room is cleaned when a client leaves or changes rooms before another client can use the room. All articles are disposed of to avoid transfer of germs.
Summarize the guidelines for all nursing procedures
check orders, follow guidelines, identify client, be timely, safety precautions, wash hands, wear gloves, be organized with equipment, introduce yourself and explain what you are doing, do not say "hurt" say "discomfort", emphasize positive aspects " you will feel better", offer prescribed meds, ensure privacy, stay with client during exam or procedure, care for equipment, discard dressings, sharps, hazardous waste and identify such, document ASK FOR HELP WITH NEEDED
Describe at least four direct client care departments in hospitals
Pathologist (determine the underlying nature of the disease, perform autopsies
Therapies or PT dept directs its efforts to prevent physical disability
Surgery OR or PACU (post-anestheia care unit or RR recovery room) care for client immediately after surgery
Pediatric (PEDS) cares for children
Obstetrics (OB) cares for mothers and newborns
Describe the functions of at least four hospitals support departments
Dietary prepares meals; Chaplaincy services provide spiritual support;
Laundry provides clean linens;
Admissions process clients when they enter the clinic