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Where does energy in an ecosytem come from

produces which harness the energy of the sun

aka autotrophs

Is energy lost between food levels


lost as heat, animals use the energy for life processes and dont have as much energy to give to the next layer

Do species higher up in the food web have larger or smaller populations


less energy available

What determines which organisms and how many can live in an ecosystem

environmental factors

determine the carrying capacity of the system

What is a niche

a role or place in an ecosytem

How does competition affect who can occupy a niche

only one can best occupy and will win out

What is the major causes of human's negative effect on the env.


What is biodviersity

variety of species and genes on earth

as habitats are lost and species reduced it decreases

What are the side effects of low diversity in ecosystems

1. longer to recover from env changes

2. we need those organisms for food and maybe medicine by reduing the amt we might miss out

How can human help repair the env


conserve whats left

use cleaner resources


What is a producer

autotroph, harnesses energy from the sun

What is a consumer

anything that is not a produce, consumes another organism for energy

What are omnivores

plant and meat eaters

What are herbivores

plant eaters

What are carnivores

meat eaters

What are predators

organisms higher up on the food chain that hunt other organism (prey)

What is a parasite

an organism that uses another organism for energy while causing harm to it

What is a habitat

a location in an ecosystem where an animal might live

What is a niche

a specific role or location in a habitat that organism will occupy to avoid competition

What is a population

a group of organisms in a habitat that are actively exchanging genes and reproducing

high gene flow

What is a community

all the populations that are within the given ecosystem

What is an ecosystem

a type of environment and climate that is specific to a certain area

example: tundra, rainforest, etc

What is a biosphere

the sum of all ecosystems and life on Earth

What is pollution

chemicals and other human byproducts that cause harm to the env.

What is a renewable resource

one that can be reused and does not run out