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victory gard

Freed up food to be sent overseas to soldiers and refugees

Nuremberg trials

Made permanently the story of the Holocaust and other Nazi crimes against humanity

Office of war information

Provided information to people at home troops in the field and Public Enemy territories

The International military tribunal

Tried nazi war criminals

The buck stops here

President Truman most famous motto

Executive order 9981

Ended segregation in the military

The Marshall plan

Provided economic aid to rebuild

The Tuskegee airman

Where African American combat pilot during world War 2

The TrumanDoctrine

A policy of using any non military measures to stop the spread of communism

The first lady of the world

President Truman called Eleanor Roosevelt for her many contributions

the baby boom

Was a period of unprecedented population growth in America after world War 2

Inflationary cycle

leading to spiraling prices due to high demand in the 1950s

Julius Rosenberg

He and his wife where convicted of espionage and executed

Thur good Marshall

He was the first African American to serve on the Supreme Court

Herman goering

The head Spokesman of the Nazi defendant he committed suicide the night before his scheduled execution

Jackie Robinson

The first African American to play major league Baseball he paved the way for other black athletes

Audie Murphy

The most decorated American soldier of the war he earned 33 metals while capturing or killing 240 axis soldiers

Robert H Jackson

Do Supreme Court justice was the lead American prosecutor at the nuremberg trial

Joseph McCarthy

This senator investigated the state Department in an effort to root out, communist agents

Mao Tse Tung

After defeating Nationalist advisories he created a communist State in China

Iron curtains

Winston Churchill invested the terms to describe the colony suppose and that took over Eastern Europe

United Nations

A charter sign by 50 nations on June 26th 1945

Economic prosperity of the 1950s

Was reflected in huge growth of the popularity movies tourism and travel

Dwight D Eisenhower

Served as supreme commander for the allied force in Europe during world war 2

Douglas MacArthur

Was in charge of the allied forces fighting in the South West Pacific

New York City

Is where headquarters of the United Nations is

Japanese American

Fought valaintly as members of the 442 regimental combat team

Security Council

Is the United Nations most powerful Council

Fair deal program

Present Truman desired to continue tight federal control over the economy


Was instrumental in over turning plessy vs Ferguson


Freeing the men for combat Duty ferried military Planes

The 22nd amendment

Limited the president to two terms

Berlin airlift

Was an allied effort to airlift supplies to trap citizens

Double V signs

Signify victory over the axis powers and victory over prejudice

Atomic weapons

The Soviet Union developed in 1949

civil defense system

The entity assisted Citizens to preparing survival of a nuclear attack

Potsdam conference

President Truman miss with the allied leader in German

Atlantic charter

The Western allies pledged mutual support to preserve peace on both sides of the Atlantic

North Atlantic treaty organizations

This organization of Western nations committed to protect territory, political Independence and security of members nations

Inter allied declaration

Great Britain and government exile pledge to work together for security and peace

Yalta conference

President Roosevelt and allied leaders considered prosecution of the German war crimes and whether the Soviet Union would join the United Nations

Warsaw pact

Communist nations formed union in 1955 for their common defense

Servicemen rejustment act 1944

Known as GI bill the government agreed to pay for college for returning military veterans