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(a40) The triggers transmitted from the radar data transfer group in the an/tpn-24 are used to synchronize
the display function each PRF period
(a40) The interrogator set is synchronized to the an/tpn-24 ASR to
enable display of real-time bracket video coincident with the ASR video
(a40) The staggered PRF periods in the an/tpn-24 are broken down into frames, what is the total period of each frame?
3810 us
(a40) Frame sync pulses are produced in the an/tpn-24 every
4th PRF period
(a41) Which unit in the an/tpn-24 is used to control triggering of the ASR shelter display?
Azimuth Converter 2A12A3
(a41) Which unit within the an/tpn-24 is used to keep the display synchronized with the antenna?
Azimuth encoder 2A38A4
(a42) Which circuits within the xmitter of the an/tpn-24 are used to convert input power to a regulated 8.0kV?
preregulator and high voltage power supply
(a42) Which circuits within the an/tpn-24 xmitter are used to provide switching of the mode of operation?
transmitter monitor and control
(a43) In the an/tpn-24 xmitter preregulator and HVPS, what resonant frequency is selected to provide optimum purity of the output sine waves?
1.35 times the main operating frequency of 10kHz
(a43) The answer that best describes the input to the 8kV HVPS in the an/tpn-24 is produced when the input sign waves are
175 degrees out of phase
(a44) The trigger used to fire the thyratron switch in the modulator and post regulator circuit in the an/tpn-24 originates in what circuit?
synchronizer-video processor
(a44) In the an/tpn-24 xmitter, what is the duration and amplitude of the pulse applied to the magnetron cathode?
1 usec., -27kV
(a45) What is the frequency range at which the an/tpn-24 magnetron oscillates?
2.7-2.9 GHz
(a46) In the an/tpn-24, where is mode control accomplished when the CONTROL switch on the xmitter control-monitor panel is placed in the operate position?
Radar Set Control
(a46) In the an/tpn-24, how long is current reduced to the magnetron filament when the xmitter is initially turned on?
30 seconds
(a47) Which horn is used to produce the main low-angle beam in the an/tpn-24, and where is it located?
1, positioned at the top of the vertical array
(a48) What type of polarization is produced when the an/tpn-24 antenna polarizer rotor is moved to its second position?
(a49) When beam switching in the an/tpn-24 is selected, ground clutter is eliminated
in the quadrants selected and out to the range selected
(a50) What is the normal frequency difference between the two xmitters in the an/tpn-24 that permit proper operation of the diplexer?
93 MHz
(a51) What portion of the an/tpn-24 antenna is not stored within the shelter for transport?
beacon antenna
(a52) what normal receiver mode in the an/tpn-24 provides a CFAR?
wideband limiting mode
(a53) The coherent oscillator in the an/tpn-24 is turned at what time?
simutaneously with the arrival of the gated AFC IF signal
(a53) Which receiver in the an/tpn-19 derives its reference signal from the clutter itself?
(a54) Which two videos are combined in the synchronizer video processor of the an/tpn-24 to provide the benefit of dual diversity operation?
normal and normal
(a54) Why is the normal A video blanked, in the an/tpn-24 video processor, at the beginning of each PRF?
B channel transmit time
(a54) In the an/tpn-24 video processor, what video is used instead of normal video when a block of clutter is detected by the clutter gate?
Noncoherent MTI video
(a55) How many xmitters are required to transfer the large volume of data from the ASR to the operations shelter?
two (2)
(a55) Which circuit in the microwave radio receiver mixes the local oscillator signal with the RF input to produce the IF signal?
RF to baseband circuits