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(a04) The an/tps-75 radar set provides information on aircraft for a radius of
240 nautical miles
(ao5) the maximum degree of ground slope for the radar antenna pallet and equipment shelter is
6 degrees
(a05) This north mark alignment insures that your antenna is oriented to within
+- 1 degree of north
(a06) What is the relationship of the STALO frequency to the xmit frequency in the an/tps-75 radar?
the STALO is 32 MHz below the xmitted frequency
(a06) The range and azimuth correlation of IFF and radar returns is accomplished in the
post processor
(a06) HOw many modes of communication are provided to the operator in the an/tps-75 radar by the communications system?
(a07) The radar initialization function in the an/tps-75 is performed...
automatically at the system power-up
(a07) The serial communications interface, part of the radar control function in the an/tps-75, provides a link between the radar control unit and the
six system microprocessors
(a08) What is the frequency of the master clock signal provided by the frequency generator to the processor timing generator in the an/tps-75 radar?
32 MHz
(a08) What are the PRT modes for the an/tps-75 radar?
fixed, staggered, or burst
(a08) In the an/tps-75 radar, a JATS jump signal is generated every
405 degrees of antenna rotation
(a09) The STALO RF output from the an/tps-75 frequency generator is sent to the RF receivers for...
RF to IF downconversion
(a09) What type of amplifier is used in the an/tps-75 xmitters driver circuit?
pulsed TWT amplifier
(a10) What an/tps-75 circuit ensures the PFN output pulse has the same potential from PRT to PRT?
PFN shunt regulator
(a10) What two circuits generate the high voltage enabling pulse for the an/tps-75 FPA?
trigger amplifier and PFN
(a11) One purpose for the an/tps-75 radiate control interlock network is to...
ensure a definite turn-on sequence for the transmitter
(a11) How many faults are required to lock out the automatic reset circuit of the an/tps-75 radiate control interlock network?
(a12) The an/tps-75 waveguide is pressurized and dehydrated to...
keep out moisture and prevent arcing
(a12) What is the pressure range in the an/tps-75 waveguide?
24-27 psi
(a12) What is used to dehydrate the an/tps-75 waveguide air?
a desiccant canister
(a13) What type of antenna is used to recieve the side lobe reference signal in the an/tps-75?
(a12) What is used to dehydrate the an/tps-75 waveguide air?
a desiccant canister
[A04] 1. What is the only required input to the radar?
400hz primary power
[a04] 2. With what does the radar set interface?
AN/TYQ-23 operations module
[a04] 3. In the transit configuration, what does the shelter package contain?
All of the electronic equipment including the heat exchanger, two air conditioners, and the IFF/SIF antenna
[a05] 1. Define radar screening.
The blocking of all or a portion of the radar beam by an obstacle.
[a05] 2. Give 2 reasons for clearing a zone around radar and communications antennas.
1. For safety (to prevent accidental damage to each antenna by vehicles and to provide a fire safety zone)
2. For efficient RF propagation and communications
[a05] 3. What item is required before a site survey is started for a CRC or CRE?
A radar coverage diagram.
[a05] 4. What is the major reason radar antennas are placed at the highest elevation?
To prevent interference with the radiation pattern.
[a05] 5. What is the maximum allowable ground slope for the radar equipment shelter?
A maximum of 4 percent of ground slope
[a05] 6. Explain why the distance between the radar antenna pallet and the equipment shelter is limited.
Because the lengths of waveguide available and the bend limits of the flex waveguide limit the distance
[a05] 7. State the purpose of truck stablizers.
To eliminate the effects of the truck suspension as the antenna rotates.
[a06] 1. By what means does the radar derive target height?
Through the use of a stacked beam antenna and multiple receivers.
[a06] 2. List the signals generated by the frequency generator.
The phase coded 6.8 usec TS PULSE, the 32 MHz COHO, STALO,and the IF and RF TEST TARGETS.
[a06] 3. Describe the output of the transmitter
A phase coded 6.8usec pulse from the frequency generator amplified to approximately 3MW.
[a06] 4. Why does the transmitter require liquid cooling?
Due to the excessive heat buildup in generating the high power pulse.
[a06] 5. Identify the type of antenna the radar set uses.
A slotted waveguide, stacked-beam antenna
[a06] 6. What unit generates and processes the JATS data?
Signal Processor
[a06] 7. Which processor develops radar and IFF/SIF target range and azimuth plotting and radar and IFF/SIF target correlation?
Post Processor
8. What unit provides IF and RF test targets to balance and check out the equipment during testing?
Frequency generator
[a06] 9. What unit monitors the input line for overvoltage and undervoltage, correct frequency, and correct phase differences?
The primary power protection unit.