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ozone layer
a layer of the stratosphere with a high concentration of ozone; protects living things by absorbing ultraviolet radiation from the sun
water cycle
the continuous movement of water between the Earth's surface and the atmosphere through evaporation, condensation, and precipitation

jet stream
narrow wind belts occurring near the top of the troposphere
p. 414
sea breeze
wind blowing from sea to land during the day when the sun warms the land faster, and cool air from above the water forces the warm air above the land to rise
p. 414
a naturally occuring gas in the stratosphere; also occurs in smog in lower levels of the atmosphere as a pollutant
land breeze
wind blowing from land to sea at night because the land cools faster and cool air over the land moves out over the sea

ultraviolet radiation
a type of energy that comes to Earth from the sun and is mostly absorbed by the ozone layer; rays can damage skin and cause cancer and other health problems

a scientist who studies weather conditions using radar, satellites, and other instruments to make weather maps and forecasts
p. 440
a layer of Earth's atmosphere, where ions and free electrons absorb AM radio waves during the day and reflect them back toward earth at night

the gaseous mass surronding the earth and retained by the earth's gravitational pull
the layer of earth's atmosphere closest to the ground; contains clouds, smog, weather, and 75% of the atmospheric gases

all the water that occurs at Earth's surface

p. 406
Coriolis effect
khor ee OH lus

the effect of Earth's rotation on the movement of air masss; changes the direction of the air flow
the transfer of heat that occurs when molecules collide

The study of earth's weather anded the forces that cause it
the transfer of heat by a flow of a heated material; occurs in gases or liquidsp. 405
a group of chemicals used in refrigerators, aerosol sprays, and foam packaging ; destroy ozone molecules
the transfer of energy through matter or space by electromagnetic waves