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Bismark; policies and reforms

- "blood and iron"

-strengthened armies

-alliance w/ Austria

-two-house legislature

-keep France weak and isolated

-build strong links w/ Austria and Prussia

Dual monarchy between Austria and Hungary

-Ferenc Deak developed

-had separate constitutions and parliaments

-shared ministries of finance, defense, and foreign affairs

Unification of Italy

-Rome was last part to join (papal states, vattican)

-Giuseppe Mazzini: young italy

-Giuseppe Garibaldi: nationalist, wanted to create an italian republic

-red shirts

* deal negotiated with Bismark, Italy acquired venetia, France withdrew troops from Rome*

Unification of Germany

-Zollverein: economic union, dismantled tariff barriers

-realpolitik: realistic politics based on the needs of the state (do anything to win)

-end of Franco-Prussian war symbolized Germany was now dominant

-helping factors: iron and coal, educated and disciplined workforce

- Kulturkampf: "battle for civilization"