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Name the 3 physical features that separate europe from asia
ural mtns., caspian sea, caucasus mtns.
What country has the highest per capita GDP in the world
Name the 3 benelux countries
belgium, netherlands, luxembourg
In what city is the parthenon located? whom does it honor?
athens and the goddess athena
when were east and west germany reunited?
Name the 3 baltic countries
estonia, latvia, lithuania
the danube river flows into what sea?
black sea
name the 4 countries included in the UK
wales, scotland, britain, and n. ireland.
the conflicts in kosovo were between what two ethnic groups
ethnic albanians and serbs
in what city would you find the colossuem?
rome, italy
what are fjords? where are they mainly found?
narrow deep inlets of the sea set between high rocky cliffs; norway
name two examples of moorish (arabian) influence on the iberian peninsula.
horseshoe shaped arches, geometric definitions, new crops, universities, islam, new irrigation techniques, crafts, place names, language
Where are the international headquarters of the EU and NATO located?
brussels, belgium
what connects the mediterranean sea to the black sea?
the bosporus straight
London is located on what river?
Lapland stretches over the northern parts of the three countries. Name them.
Norway, sweden, and finland
Where are europes main oil and natural gas depsits found?
the north sea
name the four major peninsulas of europe?
scandinavian, balkan, iberian, italian
what was the first country to leave the soviet bloc
what are polders and where are they found?
lands reclaimed from the sea; the netherlands
what connects frand and england?
The Chunnel (channel tunnel)
what separates spain and morocco? how wide is it at its narrowest point?
the strait of gilbraltar; 8 miles
what is the longest river in europe? in what country is it mainly located?
the volga; found primarily in russia
name the 3 micro states in europe
san marino, malta, andorra, vatican city, monaco, liechtenstein
What country was created after WWI and before WWII?
who was allied with germany in WWII?
Italy and Japan (could have spain)
What mtns. separate the black and caspian seas?
caucasus mtns.
What is the poorest country in europe
the north atlantic drift
a warm ocean current that moderates the climates in northwestern europe.