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How many chromosomes do humans have

46 chromosomes


23 homologous pairs

What do chromosome pairs carry

alleles for traits

with one allele coming from mom and one coming from dad

each homologous chromosome has an allele

What can affect the way genes are expressed?

the environment

How many genes are there on each chromosome>

hundreds or even thousands

What does each gene code for

ONE protein

What are the 4 bases used in DNA and how do they pair

AT and GC

How do bases pair in RNA

AU and GC

What organelle synthesizes proteins


What do ribosomes use as the template to make proteins


How are mutations passed on to offspring? hint: what cell does it need to be

mutation in sex cell

True or false: some cells contain different genes than other cells?


all cells contain all the genes, depends what genes are turned on

What is selective breeding? What is an example?

choosing organisms for specific traits, dogs

What is an of example genetic engineering

using enzymes to insert human DNA into bacteria plasmids to produce human proteins in bacteria cells

we use this to make insulin

What technologies let us better understand changes in DNA

karyotyping and DNA fingerprinting