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Binuclear family
a family in which a separation or divorce of the adult partners occurs, but both adults continue to assume a high level
unmarried individuals in a committed partnership living together, with or without children
communal family
family where many people live together, strive to be self-sufficient, and minimize contact with the outside society.
commuter family
a family in which both adults are usually professionals, one of whom lives in another city because of employment, and the partners must travel a long distance, usually on weekends, to be together
dual-career/dual-worker family
nuclear family in which both parents work outside the home
dysfunctional family
family whose coping systems disintegrate as stressors build
extended family
one's family beyond that of parents and siblings
two or more persons who are joined together by bonds of sharing and emotional closeness and who identify themselves as being part of that family
foster family
family in which children live with paid caregivers
functional family
a family that uses its resources to cope and become stronger under stress
gay or lesbian family
partners of the same sex who live or own property together, with or without children.
nuclear dyad
a married couple who live together without children
nuclear family
a two generation unit consisting of a husband, wife and their immediate children-biological, adopted or both-living within one household.
reconstitutional family
a family that consist of a couple who both have custody of their children from previous relationships and any new children from this arrangement
two or more people having at least one parent in common
single-adult household
adults who live alone in their own apartment or house with no children
single-parent family
a family in which one adult is head of household with dependent children. The adult who is single may be single by choice or as a result of separation divorce or death