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Utopian Communities
Groups of people that tried to form the perfect society
American Romanticism
Ideas about simple life and nature that inspired American painters and writers in the early - mid 1800's
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Aurhor of the "Scarlet Letter"
Edgar Allen Poe
famous American Poet wrote " the raven"
Herman Melville
Author of "Moby Dick"
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Wrote popular story poems in the 1800's such as " The midnight ride of Paul Revere"
Second Awakening
Second Christian Renewal movement of the late 1790's and early 1800's
Temperence Movement
Urged people to use self discipline to stop drinking hard liquor.
Dorthea Dix
Urged that mentally ill people be treated not as criminals but in hospitals.
Horace Mann
Leader of the fcommon school movement
Common School Movement
The idea that all children should be taught in a common place irregardless of their background.
The movement to completely get rid of slavery
William Lloyd garrison
Publisher of the Liberator a Newspaper that promoted abolition of slavery
Angelina and Sarah Grimk'e
two sisters that promoted abolition of slavery
Fredrick Douglass
Escaped slave that spke out against slavery in his newspaper the North Star.
Sojourner Truth
Former slave that claimed that God had called her to travel and preach the truth about slavery
Sarah Grimke
urged that women be given equal educational opportunities
Harriet Tubman
Leader of the Underground railroad
Underground railroad
A series of safe houses and a trail where slaves escaped from the South to the North
Seneca Falls Convention
First public meeting about womens rights in America
Lucretia Mott/Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Womens rights leaders/ organized the Senaca Falls Convention
Susan B. Anthony
Did much to turn the womens rights movement into a political movement
Andrew Jackson
President of the common man believed in a strong central government.
States Righters
Believed that the states were more powerful than the Federal government since the sttes created the federal government and had the right to choose not to obey laws of the federal government
Henry Clay
The Great Compromiser Helped the settle the questions of Missouri and was the creator of the Compromise of 1850 that admitted the state of California into the Country as a free state.
Felt like Jackson had been cheated out of the election of 1824 and felt that the election of 1828 , won by Jackson, a victory for the common man.
John C. Calhoun
Vice President under Jackson resigned because he believed in States Rights.
Stephen F. Austin
Founder of the Old 300 in Texas. Pushed for the independence of Texas from Mexico.
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Writer of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" a book that depicted the creulty of slavery . Reading convinced many Northeners that slavery must be aboloshed.
Know Nothings
Anti Immigaration Party.
Party that supported not enfoorcing the fugitive slave act
Francis Cabot Lowell
Started a system in whic yung girls worked in his factory. The young ladies borded and ate in mill bording houses.
Francis Grandison Finney
One of the most important leaders of the Second Great Awakening - A renewed interest in Religion