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Who wrote _The Prince_?
Niccolo Machiavelli
Who wrote _Canterbury Tales_?
Geoffrey Chaucer

Who wrote _The Divine Comedy_?

Dante Alighieri

Who wrote _In Praise of Folly_?

Desiderius Erasmus

Who wrote _Utopia_?

Thomas More

What does “in thevernacular” mean?
written in a local, ratherthan a classical, language

Who is considered the greatest playwright of all time?

William Shakespeare

Who invented the European, or moveable-type printing press

Johann Gutenberg

Who was Johann Tetzel and what did he do?

He was a monk who sold indulgences to raise money for St. Peter's Basilica.

How was the Reformation inEngland different from the Reformation in the rest of Europe?
The Reformation in Englandwas based on politics, not religious belief.
What was an importanteffect of the invention of the printing press?
It increased the desire forlearning and caused a rise in the literacy rate throughout Europe
Who founded theJesuits?
Ignatius of Loyola
What were the causesof the Reformation?
The printing presshelped spread ideas critical of the Church, rulers began to challenge Churchauthority, merchants resented paying taxes to Rome, some Church leaders hadbecome wealthy and corrupt and many people found some Church practicesunacceptable, the plague
What was the CatholicReformation was also known as?
The CounterReformation
Who was Martin Lutherand what did he do?
he was the “father ofthe Reformation” and he posted his 95 theses (outlining the abuses of theChurch) on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg
What were indulgences?
A pardon issued bythe Pope to raise money for the Church that released a person from a penancedue for a sin
What was the firstfull-sized book printed on the new printing press?
The Bible
Who was Johann Tetzeland what did he do?
Sold indulgences (pardons) to raise money forSt. Peter’s Basilica
Which officialmeasure made the king, instead of the Pope, the head of the English Church?
The Act of Supremacy
What were the pillarsof the Catholic Reformation?
The Jesuits, areformed Papacy, and the Council of Trent
Who was JohannGutenberg and what did he do?
He invented the moveable-type printing press in Germany
Which of Henry VIII’schildren brought peace and prosperity to the kingdom of England?
Elizabeth I
The Council of Trentmostly reaffirmed traditional Catholic teachings, but it did put an end to onething. What was it?
The sale of indulgences
Describe Mesoamerica.
It extends fromCentral Mexico southward through Central America
What did Columbus do?
Persuaded Queen Isabella of Spain to finance an expedition to reach Asia by sailing west across the Atlantic.
Describe theColumbian Exchange.
The exchange of people, ideas, plants, animals, and diseases between the Old World and the New World
Who was Hernan Cortes?
He led the Spanish conquistadors to Mexico.
What was a caravel?
A new type of vessel that could sail “against” the wind by using triangular sails adopted from the Muslims.
What is a codex?
A written history record, in a kind of book form.
Whatwas the Middle Passage?
The journey of enslaved persons from Africa to the Americas
What was the first food domesticated by theMesoamericans?
What is obsidian?
A glasslike volcanic rock used to make knives and other cutting instruments.
What were the primarymotives for the exploration of the New World?
God, gold, and glory
What did BartolomeuDias do?
Explored the southern tip of Africa
What the importantpurpose of colonies to the Mercantilists?
Sources of raw materials and markets for finished goods
Whattype of religion did the Maya, Aztec, and Inca practice?


What did FerdinandMagellan do?
His crew was the first to circumnavigate the globe
Whatwas the official language of the Inca people?
What was TriangleTrade?
The trade of finished goods from Europe to Africa, slaves from Africa to the New World, and raw materials from the New World to Europe
Whatdid Prince Henry the Navigator do?
Led the Portuguese to explore by creating a school of navigation.
What did Vasco daGama do?
first European to reach India by sailing around Africa
For what achievementare the Inca known?
Masonry or stonework
What does the term“Renaissance” mean?
What was a “universal man” during the Renaissance?
The idea that educated people were expected to strive to master almost every area of study
What is consideredthe pinnacle of Renaissance architecture?
The Florence Cathedral
What are the characteristics of humanism?
It was an intellectual movement, based on the study of the classics of Greece and Rome, emphasized human potential and achievements, had a profound effect on education
Why was Leonardo daVinci considered to personify the ideal “Renaissance man”?
He was a military engineer, anatomist, a botanist, a painter and an inventor
Who/what was apatron?
A wealthy and educated merchant who commissioned art & cultural activities
Who is considered the“Father of Humanism?”

Francesco Petrarch

What did Pope JuliusII commission Michelangelo to do?
Paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel
The Medici family wasfamous for being what?
Rulers of Florence and patrons of the arts