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What is the job description for Human Resource?

-used for hiring needs, evaluation, training and compensation.

What does Human Resource do when going through the hiring process?

-use job description to recruit candidates

-evaluate candidates (resume, application form, interview, and testing)

-hiring from within (promotion)

What does Human Resource do when training employees?

-inform new employees of company rules and procedures

-train using class lectures, on-the-job training, and apprenticeship

- HR must train current employees

HR process of performance appraisal and compensation.

- yearly evaluation of employee

- compare job description with employee performance

- discuss with employees peers,costumers,

managers, etc.

- performance will dictate promotion or raise

what are the 3 goals of and advertisement?




What is AIDA


- interest



what are three ways an advertisement can be effective?

1. stay consistent with the brand

2. effectively communicate the position of the brand

3. the ad is memorable for the audience

What is accounting?

the process of recording, analyzing, and interpreting the economic activities of a business.

what is the difference between a balance sheet and a income statement?

a balance sheet records assets, liabilities, and the owners equity, a balance sheet is a screen shot. a income statement records revenues and expensive of a business. income statement is like a video.

what are the 3 steps in the marketing process

1. segmentation

2. target market

3. positioning

what does a positioning map look like?

what is segmentation?

splitting the population into groups (based on shared characteristics)

what is a target market?

choosing a specific group that a business wants to capture.

what is positioning?

the process by which marketers try to create a image or identity for their business or organization.

what are some ways business can use positing to create a name for their business

ex. speedy glass (speed), Sleeman beer (history)

price, quality, speed, history, innovation, service, expertise, comfort, style, etc.

what is an asset, liability, and equity?

ASSET: something of value that is owned by a business

LIABILITY: debts or the amount owed by a business

EQUITY: the net worth of a business ( what a business is worth)

what 2 accounts effect the owners equity?

Revenue and expenses

what is revenue?

the selling of a good or service

what is a expense?

the cost of doing business. (something you cant touch)

ex. rent, wages, and insurance