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Why would the countries of America, Canada and Mexico be considered one region?
all three countries share North America. A physical location
What are the things that affect the location of cities?
Natural resources, transportation, and trade routes
What could you predict about the economy of a country whose population pyramid it top heavy?
your economy could have problems
What are push/pull factors of immigration?
Push- bad things that happen that will "push" u away
Pull- good economy, good climate, can "pull" u towards it
What is animism and where is it practiced?
Religion where everything has a spirit. Africa, India
Where are most cities located in South America?
On the coast
What would be some pull factors to coastal cities?
trading, and fishing, mild climate
What is globalization and what are some postive and negative affects of globalization?
globalization- a idea that are economys are all tied together. like music, food,clothes, etc.
negative- loss of local culture
positive- access to imformation
what are formal, functional, and perceptual regions?
formal- areas in which certain characteristics are found throughout the region

functional- central place and the surrounding places affected by it

perceptional -defined by peoples feelings and attitudes about areas
can the countries in Northern Africa and the Middle East, in any way, be considered a region?
yes because of religion this part of the world is a region
In what ways can the countries of Europe be considered a region?
Who determines production in a communist system?
pipelines are one way that oil is transported. What U.S. states might you find pipelines?
Alaska, Texas, & Louisianna
Statement: Countries which have large percentage of its workface in agriculture are.....
undeveloped or developing
What cultural feature makes Texas distinctive from other states?
The texas history is what makes us unique