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_____ was a major contribution of the English going to the Americas


The french and Indians were _______

Business partners

What area did LaSalle claim?


Frech fur trappers were know as _______

Curuea de bouis

______ was the Spanish missionary's main goal toward the Indians

Teach religion

______ settled in the Spanish borderlands

Missionary's and soldiers

______ was an important thing to the french and English

Fur trade

_____ conquered the Inca's


_____ had an alliance with the Huron

The French

_____ helped the colonist relationship with the Indians

John Rolfe and Pocahontas marrige

______ happened to the original jamestown settlers

The environment challenge them

______ was looking for the seven cities of gold


_____ was an English explorer searching for Asian routes


Spanish soldiers slept in ______


______ was an affect if the first explorers voyage to the new world.

The transfer of food and people

New Amsterdam ______ which was dif from other places

We're diverse

______ was the Spanish conquistadors goal

Conquer large areas

The Colombian exchange ______ the American Indian

Gave them diseases

The London company sent people to the Americas becuase...

To make a money making colony