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Delta H

Heat energy transferred in a reaction

Standard condition

100kpa 298k

Bond enthalpy

Enegry need to break a bond between two atoms

Delta H r

EC when a reaction occurs in molar quantities shown in the chem equation under sc and ss

Delta H f

EC when 1M of compoubd is formed from it element ib ss under sc

Delta H c

EC when 1 mole completely burnt in O2 under sc in ss

Finding delta H of combustion

Hess law

Total EC of a reaction is always the same no matter which route taken

How to find enthalpy change on graph

Enthanol production

Methanol production

Half equation

Shows H+ e- and h2o with charges balanced

Making bleach

Chlorine with water with and without hv

Naf and NaCl with H2so4

NaBr with H2SO4

NaI with H2SO4

Sliver nitrate reaction

Group 2 with water

Group 2 solubility

How to test for SO4 ions

BaCl with whit ppt

What ca(oh)2 used for ?

Neutralise acidic soil

Sulfide ores ( zn)

Reducting metal oxide and cuco3

Extracting tungsten why not with c

Extracting Al

Extration of Ti

From oxide to cl to pure

Equation for extraction of cu from fe

Ozone layer cycle

Cfc with ozone ( cl)

Synthesising amines and cond

Electrophilic addition

Steam hydration of ethene

Addition with h2so4 ( hydration) part 1 with catayst

Additiin with h2so4 part 2

Ethanol fermentation

Dehydration of ethanol


What to remember when talking about rate

Sucessful collision !!

Enthalpy change

The change in heat energy at constant pressure