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Treasury relationship with stakeholders

Develop and manage working relationships with int and ext stakeholders to ensure that they are mutually beneficial, namely that deliver vleu for the org. while bal needs of diverse range of stakeholders.

Use market info, data and wider market knowledge to recommend strategies that ensure the fin. security and sustainability of the business while retaining flexibility to respond immediately to market change.

Relationship management skills for treasury

Key dimensions are integrity, cmmunication and timing

T must develop LT relationships with all stakeholders including a reputation for frankness and timely disclosure of relevant info

Forecasting is important - never come to market in weak position

Relationship management, negotiation and conflict management skills:

-Influence and persuade other to support a plan

-Undertake negotiations bet 2+ parties to achieve mutually agreeable outcomes

-/set clear negotiation objectives, clarrify disputes and resolve

Use tact and diplomacy to handle individuals or groups that are/could be in conflict

Encourage cooperation and collaboration by depersonalising situation

Teamwork and collaboration

Effective teamwork and collaboration require manging and working as part of team in order to achieve objectives in a constructive and resource fficient manner:

Leadership - Supporting strategic direction of an org or team. Manage team to use resources to deliver objectives

Empathy with stakeholders and peers - Appreciating other perspectives and resond personally and apropriately. Demonstrate empathy which shows cross-cultural sensitivity. Listening and responding to others, be adaptable.

Value diversity - Promote equality in the workplace and address situations where staff are in breach

People management, empowering and coaching - Iden and develop people potential and empower them to take on new responsibilities.

Written and verbal communication - relay info effectively and being aware of audience. Use variety of different communication methods. Ensure there is not misunderstanding and restate as necessary. Summarise complex info and ensure appropriate oresentation

T Traits

ACT competency fraework identifies the following traits as necessary to effectively participate in the corp fin process as wel as technical understanding:

Motivation - Self-motivated to achieve best possible outcomes with resources available. Achieved especially through nanaging the efforts of others and the resources at their disposal. Improve own and others performance over time,

Attention to detail - Apply skills conscientiously and with accuracy, managing inconsistencies promptly and effectively and reporting upwards as necessary. It also means taking responsibility for organising, prioritising and managing own workload and that of the team.

Commercial accument - Assessing situations from a commerical or business persoective including existing and pot. markets, customers and competition. In dooing so you will ensure proposals can be assessed accurately and relate to other business functions using their terminology and convey their cintribution to the T functiin as appropriate

Openness to change - iden and develop new ideas and opportunities for business growth, utilising the skills and experience of the team as appropriate. Manage implementation of change the transition of individuals and teams in order to achieve desired state to capitalise on innovation

Monitoring markets

T will monitor market developments and comm with key int and ext stakeholder the implications of best practice and commercial opportunities on the organisation, inclluding the achievement of its corp objectives.

Develop app policy to ensure that the org, is app protected and able to respond effectively to any developments/opps

Treasury and ethical codes

To be part of effective ethics and governance structure T should follow professional code of conduct and ensure the principles are embedded at every level of operations.

Ethical codes establish rules for app behaviours in transactional normal business activities with both int. and ext parties

ACTs ethical code

Applies to all ACT members, students reps and affiliates. Complaints can lead to disciplinary action.Overall is act in highest professional standards.

Fundamental principles:

a) integrity - Avoid CoI, act in good faithto employer and those outside, fulfill duties owed by appointment

b) independence in making professional judgements and making statements/opinions

c) Courtesy and considerstion to all they contact through work

d) Professional competence, including compliance with technical and professional standards exoected if him as virtue of the seniority and responsibility of his position and carrying out duties with reasonable care and skill

e) Confidentiality - Disclosing or using info for own purpose of improper purpose

f) compliance with laws regulations and conventions

g) compliance with codes abd rukes of other professuonal bodies to which member belongs

Relationships and duties under ACT ethical code

Duties to employer, members of public, bankers and fellow employees

gifts service and hospitality - do not accept anything which could affect or appear to affect judgement and proper performance of duties. Avoid impairment of independence of judgement and make employer aware

Particpating in financial decision making

To effectively participate in financial decision making you need to develop:

Self management and accountability - Personally responsible and take ownership of actions/ideas.

Emotional self awareness and positive attitude - Recognise how own emotions can affect work performance and develop emotional intelligence in order to control empotions and work productively. Also provide emotional support to others as they need it. Capitalise in opportunities to develop through continuous improvement and iden opps for others to do similar

Organisation awareness and initiative - Appreciate own and teams position and contribution within context if own department and wider org, Iden issues, problems or opps and championung solutions and new ways of delivering sevices thatmeet org objectives and are achievable with current resources. If not prepare business case for new.