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What is the scientific method?

The scientific method is the method that scientist use to better understand the worlds things.

What is a hypothesis?

An hypothesis is a question that explains an idea using......if or then.

What do you need in your hypothesis sentence?

If or then. You also need a period and capital letters at the beginning of your sentence.

Which is an example of a hypothesis?

1. If you eat too much you will get a stomach ache

2. If you eat too much, then you will get a stomach ache

3. When you eat too much you'll get a stomach ache

Number 2.

What should you do after you make your hypothesis?

Test it.

How many times should you test your hypothesis?

A few times.

What does classify mean?

To put things in groups based on their traits

What could you classify animals by?

Fur,habitat,what they eat or drink,or how they survive.

What do cells contain.

Parts to help function the organelles.

What things have cells?

All living things.