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What was the first Colony?
Virginia (Jamestown)
What was the last colony settled?
What was the first written constitution in the colonies?
Fundamental Orders
Which Colony was the Fundamnetal Orders written for?
Where was the first elected legistlature in all the colonies?
Virginia (Jamestown)
What was one of the wealthiest colonies? What made them rich?
South Carolina; Growing rice and Tobacco
Which colonies were specifically founded for religious reasons?
Massachusetts Bay, Pannsylvania, & MAryland
Which colonies were not founded by the English?
Delaware, New York, New Jersey
What Propriety colonies never became royal colonies?
Pennsylvania & Delaware
Which colony had a corporate form of government for the longest time?
Rhode Island
Which colonies were founded by companies?
Virginia, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hapshire
Which colony was founded as a refuge for Catholics?
Which colony was founded to help poor debtors?
How many Southern colonies were there?
Name the Southern Colonies
Virginia (Jamestown), Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia
How many middle colonies were there?
What were the middle colonies?
New York, New Jersery, Pennsylvania, Delaware
How many New England Colonies were there?
What were the New England Colonies?
Plymouth, Massachusetts Bay, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hapshire
What colonies had religious tolerance? Sepration of Church and State?
Rhode Isalnd, Pennsylvania, & Maryland all had religious freedom/ tolerance; Rhode Island and Pennsylvania had seperation of church and state.
Which colonies were characterized originally by Quaker ideals?
New Jersey & Pennsylvania
What was the Renaissance?
The Renaissance was a time when Europens began to explore new ideas and expand in their arts, sciences, and understandings of the world.
Who invented movable type/the printing press?
Johnathan Gutenberg
What was the house of Burguesses?
The 1st legistlative assembly
What was Mercantilism?
A plan to increase a nation's gold supply.First, a nation cut down it's imports. Second step was to encourage exports. Third step was to encourage manufacturing industries.