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Another name for a long term care facility is?

Extended care facility

Assisted living facilities are initially for?

People who need some help with daily care.

What is true about adult daily livings?

This type of care is for people who need some assistance and supervision during certain hours.

Care Given by specialists to restore or improve function after an illness or injury is called?

Acute care

Care given to people who have approximately 6 months or less to live is called

Hospice care

What do Home health aids do?

May clean or shop with groceries

People who live in long term care facilities are usually called _____ because it is where they live for the duration of their stay.


Most conditions in long term care or chronic. This means THAT?

The conditions last a long time.

places where health care is delivered or administered is called?


Health plans that state and customers must use a particular doctor or group of doctors are called?

HMOs (health maintenance organizations)