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A little sick

Under the weather

I went home early yesterday because I was under the weather

To be watched very closely

Under the microscope

After his recent mistakes at work, he's currently under the microscope.

To upset, to bother, to irritate

To get under the skin

The sound of his voice is begging to get under my skin.

To pay employee secretly, usually cash

To pay under the table

The company got in trouble for paying some employees under the table.

to not be noticed, not seen

Under the radar

The criminal stayed under the radar for many years without being caught

To be criticized severaly, to be attacked

To come under fire

You will definitely come under the fire if the boos find out about your mistake.

To hurt someone for your own benefit, to betray

To throw someone under the bus

He was shocked to find out that his colleague threw him under the bus.

To speak softly to yourself, usually to complain

Under one's breath (under his breath...)

I wish I can go home he said under his breath

Clearly visible, obviuse in front of me

Right under my nose

The Boss can't believe that the employee was stealing right under his nose

Pressure to do something, a deadline

Under the gun

Im under the gun to make sure this project is done on time

Happened in the passt, not Import at today

Wather under the bridge

We had a big argument a few years ago, but it's all wather under the bridge now

To avoid or hide something bad

To sweep it under the rug

I know it's difficult to talk about it, but we can't just sweep it under the rug and pretend it doesn't exist.

To have surgery, an operation

To go under the knife

Many women go under the knife these days because they want to improve their appearance.

Drinking alcohol, drunk

To be under the influence

He got arrested for driving under the influence.

To be in a stressful situation

Under pressure

He is under a lot of pressure at work right now