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Fitness Concept
When there is genetic variation due to mutations, some individuals in the population are genetically better suited to compete for resources.

most fit have genes making them best adapted to a particular set of conditions
How does natural selection work?
requires genetic variation and leads to differential reproductive success
What is the difference between innate and learned behaviors?
give examples....
innate- inborn and genetically programmed
ex: dog itching ear

learned- acquired through an experience
ex: cat ignoring noises (habituation)
What are taxes?
an instinctual response where an animal moves towards or away a stimulus.
Why do animals perform aggressive behaviors?
To obtain supremacy for mates/food
differences and similarities between mitosis and meiosis
Mitosis needs 1 round, meiosis, 2
Daughter Cells- mito=2, meio=4
mito daughter cells=diploid
meio daughter cells=haploid
genetic diversity, mito=no, mei=yes

starts diploid
What types of cells do
each process? (mitosis/meiosis)
Mitosis: somatic
meiosis: gamete
how does the Lactobacillus bacteria causes tooth decay?
its acidity damages tooth structures, progressively breaking them down.

Tube turns from green to yellow if you have high acidic saliva
the nicotine experiment.
Subject: serratia marcescens
Variable: nicotine

lethal if organism doesn't live
non-lethal if bacteria only mutates color, loses pigment becoming white
Various versions of a gene are known as:
organism's physical appearance or behavior is called:
why would aggressive behaviors be selected for in organisms?
aggression caused an increase of fitness, thus higher probability to mate and pass genes down
What releaser started series of displays in beta fish last class?
visual stimulus of fish seeing itself in mirror
person has 2 dominant alleles for a trait, what are they?
homozygous dominant
What is taxis?
Things that cause a positive/negative reaction on an animal
Evolution occurs within an individual
True or False?