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According to the Catholic vision, why are you here on earth?:
We are called into being by God. We have been in God's heart from all eternity, untill God called us into existance. God called us into existance out of love for us, adn God longs for your love in return. We were created to live in union with God in this life and forever, even beyond death.
What is a worldview?
How do we get it?:
Worldviews are expressions not only of our thougths adn beliefs about life and the world, but also of our feelings and attitudes about life and the world.
According to the Christian tradition, in what ways are human beings made in the image of God?:
Then God said,"Let us make humankind in our image..." So God created humankind in his image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. (Genesis 1:26-27)
Briefly describe society's answers to life's longings:
Populartiy-fitting in.
Consumerism-people who seek and aquire new products, material possesions.
Individualism-"Look out for yourself"
Immediate gratification- what we want and expect our needs to be met right now.
Name three crucial tasks of adolesence. How does the deepening capacity for friendship relate to all of them?:
1. The development of a capacity for friendship.
2. The development of a healthy sexual identity.
3. The development of a more mature parent-child relationship.
- All relate to frienship so as to discover ways to grow in your own ability to nurture friendships in your life.
What are some religious questions many people begin to ask during adolescence:
-Is there something deeper than the anwers society offers? -Why am I here?What's the purpose of my life?What will help me make sense of my life?-What wil really fill this longing in me?-Is there someting beyond what I see?-Is there a God? And if so, does God care for me? -If God exists, why is the world so full of hate, suffering, and misery?
What does it mean to be critical of soemthing we have learned, seen, or heard in the media?:
EFFECTIVE CRITICISM-we take something we have learned-whether from parents, teachers, pastors, or others,-and turn it over in our mind and question it. In the process we may find that our previous understanding needs to be updated.