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Mrs iger: don't push it.

(enter, holding a bottle high)

Here it is, last one ever. I knew i'd seen one in the cellar. A bloody 'Bull's eye' brown. Look at that then. (undo it) there you go. (give it to customer)

Landlady: whiskey love? Yep.

(to landlady) Hey, look who's here having a bloody 'Bull's eye' brown

Landlady: smelly jimmy. Well well. We've not seen you for years. How are you?

(in response) we're alright

Landlady: well i am

(in response to jimmy) eh? Don't you know?

Hey jimeny, come round here mate, this side, here, come on (lead him off) you'll remember these lot of ugly mugs don't you? Hey, look what the cat's brought in

(landlady starts kicking glasses under the bar)

Don't do that

(go to pick glass up)

Landlady: why? I thought you liked things shoved out of sight

Dont know what you mean

Landlady: you do

(turn away, start doing something)

Landlady: dont you think its funny someone should say something, tonight of all nights, dont you?

(pick up bottle) imagine finding a bloody 'Bulls eye' brown, eh?

Landlady: don't you?

I'll save that empty as a momento

Landlady: (smashes glass) there's already two empty momentos behind this bar.

Two pints sir, one lager, one bitter

Don't you think it funny though someone should ask... Don't you?

Landlord: (putting glass under tap) lager.

Landlady: don't you? Don't you?

(put glass under bitter tap) sorry, bitter's off. I'll just go and see to that (leave)