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Questions to ask for a general Headache?

1. Can you describe the headache e.g. is it throbbing, is there pain behind the ears, is there tension around the head.

2. How long has it been there for

3. Onset? was it rapid or gradual?

4. Any other symptoms? e.g. nausea and vomiting?

5. Are you taking any other drugs?

6. Is there any visual disturbances i.e. auras?

7. Any changes to your diet or medication recently?

8. Any fever or rash? if yes, it's meningitis.

Questions to ask for a throbbing headache?

1. How long has it been there?

2. What are you eating and drinking habits like?

3. Have you had any coffee or soft drinks recently?

4. In your daily work, do you sit in front of the computer a lot? e.g. is there any tension in the neck due to poor posture?

Treatments for general headaches.

Paracetamol etc.

Can add the codeine one.

IF migraine add nausrelief.

can give mersyndol. it has a muscle relaxant.

Who can't have pain meds.

age: aspirin. under 18 = no aspirin.

pregnancy: no anti-inflammatory. no aspirin.

other meds: BP meds.

- tramadol with antidepressants is bad.

When to refer?

any under 12 year old who comes in with it.

- give them paracetamol and refer.

visual disturbances.

if it's a new symptoms especially if the person is old.

always refer migraines.

frequent: twice a week.

rash and stiff neck.