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Discovery of the new world


Martin Luther posts 95 theses on Wittenberg church


Spanish Armada is defeated and Britain is shown to be a naval power


Peace of Westphalia ends 30 years war, signed by h.r.e , Spain, France, and the Dutch


Maria Theresa becomes ruler after death of her father Charles vi, start of Austrian war of succession


American Revolution


French Revolution


End of Napoleonic wars, ends with congress of vienna


Revolutions of ______, France, Germany, Italy, and Austria's revolutions all failed, and lead to disillusionment


Franco-Prussian war begins, Bismark provoked France and then beat them, when France attacked first south German states supported north Germany, germany wins on year later


End of ww1, signing of Armistice ends fighting, treaty of Versailles ends war the next year


Stock market crash/ Great Depression, allows hitler to gain power


End of ww2, g.b France, and Poland vs Germany, Italy, and Japan


Fall of communism (fall of iron curtain), Warsaw Pact countries Germany, Czechloslovakia, Poland, Bulgaria and albania

30 years war

H.R.E tried to impose Catholicism on its subjects in 1618, but Protestants in Bohemia were against it, turned into a war of France against Hapsburgs, ends in Peace of Westphalia


Charles IV declares his daughter as the heir to the throne of Austria

7 years war

(1756-1763) G.B and Prussia vs France and Austria, G.B took French positions in North America and seized their ships, Austria wanted to regain lands lost in the war of Austrian succession, especially Silesia, ends in treaty of Paris for France and G.B. And treaty of hubertsburg between Austria and Prussia

Article 231

Treaty of Versailles(ww1), portion known as war guilt clause

Treaty of Versailles(ww1)

Makes Germany pay war reparations and cedes the Alsace-Lorraine territory and Saar coal mines to France, since Germany destroyed theirs

Iron curtain

Seperates Warsaw Pact/CoMEcon countries from NATO countries, dissolved at end of Cold War


The crusades


The plague


The great schism

14th-18th century

The renaissance


Fin de Siècle

Entente Cordiale

Ww1 France and england

Triple entente

Ww1 France, England and Russia


America joined ww1 due to the central powers use of submarines

Gothic Art

Soaring, focus on world to come, church as center, the virgin as symbol

Renaisance art

Classicism, anatomy, individualism, perspective, humanism, rationalism

Da Vinchi

The last supper


The school of Athens




David (armed)

Baroque art

Chiaroscuro, "the death of Marat"-Jacques-Louis David


French, late version of baroque, with witty themes, lack of emotional depth

Romantic Art

Early 19th century, heroic, nature, heroism, emotional, dramatic

Battle of Britain

The British Royal Air Force beats back the German Luftwaffe


Russia beats German forces again, turning point of European theatre of ww2


Allied forces land on the beach of Normandy, France, and retake France

Battle of Midway

Naval battle in which the u.s. Destroys 4 of Japan's best air craft carriers, turning point of the pacific theatre

Second battle of El Alamein

The axis forces were defeated and driven out of Egypt permanently by African and allied armies, Erwin the desert fox and general Auchinleck, turning point of Middle East theatre of ww2


Industrial revolution


Peace of Augsburg allowed prices to choose the religion of their dominion in the HRE, established by Charles V


Edict of Nantes allowed for Huguenots (Calvinist Protestants of France) to have some rights in France


War of Austrian succession, ends with The Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle

Johannes Kepler

Discovered the planets elliptical orbits

Peace of westphalia

Beginning of nationalism and sovereign states control over their territory


Compromise allowed dual monarchy of Austria-Hungary


First thing industrialized in industrial revolution

Kellog-Briand pact

Outlawed War as a means of settling disputes

John wesley

Founded Methodist church

Jethro tull

Horse drawn seed drill

Charles Townsend

Norfolk 4 field system

Charles Townsend

Norfolk 4 field system

Thomas malthus

Relating to population

Factory act of 1833

Regulates children's hours of working

George-eugene Hausman

Renovated urban layout of Paris

The Second League of Armed Neutrality

Alliance bet. Naval powers of Russia, Denmark and Sweden that banned British searching of neutral trade ships for French contraband

War of roses

1455-1487, Tudor dynasty emerges

War of roses

1455-1487, Tudor dynasty emerges