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What is a monarch ?
How do monarch’s get their power?
A king or a queen
They inherit their thrones from their mothers/fathers
What is a revolution?
Name three famous revolutions.
A change in government
Three in this chapter:
French Revolution
American Revolution
Glorious Revolution
What is nationalism?
When did nationalism become strong in Europe?
A deep loyalty to one’s country
It became very strong in Europe after the Middle Ages
People started defining themselves as English, French, etc.
Absolute monarchy
What is an absolute monarchy?

Name some absolute monarchs.
When the king or queen has complete power over the country

Kings and queens like this: Elizabeth I, Mary I, Henry VIII, Ferdinand & Isabella, Louis XIV, Ivan The Terrible
What is absolutism?
When leaders have complete power of a country
Magna Carta

What does Magna carta mean?

What did the magna carta state?

Why was the magna carta so important?
It means great paper
It stated the king must follow the laws of England
It was the first limit on the king’s power and the idea led to a constitution
The Tudors
Which monarchs were Tudors?

Why were Tudors important to England?
King Henry the VIII and his two daughters, Mary and Elizabeth and his son Edward VI

They each made huge changes in England
Elizabeth I
Why didn’t Elizabeth I marry?
Why was she the last Tudor monarch?
What did Elizabeth I do for England?
Very smart
Never married to protect her power and England
Never had kids
She made the English navy the strongest in the world
Protestant – made it safe for both Catholics and protestants in England
Mary I
What was her nickname & why?
“Bloody Mary” – she killed many protestants during her rule
Very unpopular leader
Henry VIII

Why was the Henry VIII famous?

Why did Henry VIII start the Church of England?
married six different women- some he had beheaded , others he just divorced
- He invented the Church of England (protestant) because the Pope would not let him divorce his wife
Ferdinand and Isabella
Who were Ferdinand and Isabella ?
What two things are Ferdinand and Isabella
Famous for?
King and queen of Spain
- she funded Columbus’ voyage to the new world
- they united Spain and made it a Catholic country- then forced out the Jews and Muslims
Glorious Revolution
What was the Glorious Revolution ?

What agreement did William and Mary make in order to become king and queen of England?
- when William and Mary took power in England
- they were protestant and they agreed to have less power- parliament had more control
Peter the Great

What did Peter the Great do for Russia?
Made Russia more modern and European (calendar, military, newspapers)
Who was Napoleon?
When did he take over France?
What happened to Napoleon?
He was powerful military leader
Took over France after “Reign of Terror”
Took over most of Europe
Went too far into Russia
Defeated at Waterloo
Age of Enlightenment
What was the age of Enlightenment?

What did the Age of Enlightenment cause?
18th century
Middle class grew and started ideas about government
Helped cause the US and French revolution
What is a republic?

Which country was the first republic?
- a government where the people have some say in their leaders and laws (no king)
- this is guaranteed in a constitution
- America was the first republic
What was the Bastille?

What happened to the Bastille during the French Revolution?
- a prison in France
- the people overtook it during the French revolution
Reign of Terror

When was the reign of terror?

What was the Reign of Terror?
- 30 years after the people killed the king of France and before Napoleon took over
- people were fighting in the streets, nobles were hunted and beheaded
How did absolutism lead to revolutions?
When you have a king or queen that has complete control:
- the people want a say – they want someone who will listen
- some groups get better treatment, and everyone else is treated badly
- kings and queens waste the people’s money and the people get angry
How did Ferdinand and Isabella strengthen Spain? How did they weaken it?
United Spain- strengthened
Funded Columbus- strengthened
Exiled Jews and Muslims – weakened (economy)
How did the Magna Carta change the monarchy in England?
The power of the king was limited for the first time
Changes occurred during the Glorious Revolution?
- William and Mary took over
- England became protestant
- Parliament became the real governing body of England
What caused the American Revolution?
The English king raised taxes and the colonists refused to pay unless they had representatives in parliament
What caused the French Revolution?
The king and queen would not share power with the middle class
The poor were starving and also upset about the government not protecting/helping them
Compare the results of the American Revolution to the results of the French revolution.
American revolution - America became independent and started a republic (voting, presidents)
French revolution- for 30 years they had civil war then Napoleon became dictator