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What makes leaves turn green?
What are the two types of flowers on the maple trees?
The Male and the Female
Name 3 trees that have broad,flat leaves.
Maple,Oak, Birch, Gum, Sassafars or Beech
What shape do conifer trees usually grow into?
A Triangular Shape
How often do broad leaf trees grow new leaves?
Every Spring
What does bark do for a tree?
It covers and protects the wood from being damaged.
Name the 5 parts of a tree trunk.
Outer Bark
Inner Bark
Name 3 things that sap from a tree may be used for.
Maple syrup
Chewing gum
Paint thinner
What does each female flower on a maple tree produce?
Two seeds
Name the three colors maple leaves can turn in the fall.
Orange, Yellow, Red
What part of the tree makes the food?
The Leaves
What do trees mainly rely on to carry their seeds?
The Wind
Does chocolate come from trees?
What season can you get seeds and nuts from a tree?
What does photosynthesis mean?
The making of food by plants.
What is the job of a tree trunk?
To take the sugary sap to the roots and water to the leaves.
What is the skin of a tree?
The Bark
What can wild life get in a mixed woods all year round?
Where can you find sap in a tree?
The Trunk
Pines, cedars, firs, spruces and redwoods are known as what kinds of trees?
Name 2 types of evergreens.
Cedar, Pine, Spruce, Cypress, Fur
What is mutualism?
Animals and fungi that live in trees and helps the trees by eating its enemies.
What is the tallest tree in the world?
The Redwood
What are a trees largest branches?
The limbs
Name the two directions all trees grow.
Upward and outward
Where do buds appear on a maple tree?
On the tips on the branches.
What are young trees called?
How tall must a tree be in order not to be a shrub?
20 feet tall
What season are leaves juicy and green?
What do conifers leaves look like?
Needles or tiny scales
What is the name of the tree that is neither a conifer or broad leaf?
What kind of tree do you find broadleaves?
A Deciduous Tree
What type of trees can you find cones on?
Coniferous Trees
Name the two types of trees.
Conifers and Broadleaves
What does germinate mean?
When a seed begins to grow.
What do broadleaves look like?
Thin and Flat
Name the 3 things that buds on trees will form in the spring.
1. Flowers
2. Seeds
3. leaves
When do clusters of bright red buds appear on maple trees?
What are new trees called?
What job do the roots of a tree have?
Roots absorb water for the tree and it anchors it down.
What do trees give off as they make their food?
Do evergreen trees every change color?
What is a forest?
Large number of trees that grow close to each other.
What shape are broad-leaved trees?
Usually rounded