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Peace of Augsburg 1555

Ended religious wars I the HRE including Hapsburg-Valois wars

Peace of Westphalia 1648

Thirty Years war

Peace of Utrecht 1714

War of Spanish Succession. Also brought Louis XIVs wars to an end

Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle 1748

War of Austrian succession

Peace of Paris 1763

Seven Years' war

Congress of Vienna 1815

Ended Napoleonic wars. Occurred in three stages

Treaty of Frankfurt 1871

Franco-Prussian War.

Treaty of Nanking 1842

Signed by China after first opium wars

Treaty of Brest-Litovsk 1917

Took Russia out of World War I

Treaty of Versailles 1919

WWI. Paris peace conference

Atlantic charter 1941

Agreement between Roosevelt and Churchill established eventual peace

United Nations

Created in 1945 to promote peace and prevent another world war

NATO 1949

Formed to deter soviet threats

Warsaw Pact 1955

Countered NATO

Treaty of Rome 1957

Created EEC

Treaty of Maastricht 1991

Created the European Union and established rules for a single currency.