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You are trying to run multiple programs in Windows 95 and you are receiving an "Out of Memory" error. This may occur because?
The dynamic swap file is limited due to the small amount of free space on your host drive.
In the Windows 98 deveic manager, What does a black exclamation point on a yellow field next to a soundcard indicate?
Soundcard not functioning properly
A window 95 machine is upgraded to Windows 2000. After restarting for the first time, one of the applications no longer works. What should be done?
Reinstall the application
What are the primary reason to use NTFS on a Window NT 4.0 Workstation?
(a) Increase file security (b) Increased File System Reliability
From a command prompt using a Windows NT 4.0 installation CD, what will running the Command WINNT/b do?
Install Window Nt 4.0 without prompting for boot diskettes.
What partition types can be read by both Windows 98 and NT 4.0?
The user gets an out of memory message when trying to print. The service tech checks and there's plenty of space on the harddrive. What is causing this error?
Printer needs more memory
You try to boot from a diskette and received the following error. "BOOT! couldn't find NTLDR. Please insert another disk." The disk was formatted under?
Windows 2000
In the Windows 9x the system configuration editor (SYSEDIT) is used to view and edit which of the following files?
A client calls you and says the peer to peer network is no longer working. Which components should have been installed?
(a)Client (b) File and Print Sharing
A user calls you and states "Starting Windows 98" message is missing from boot up. What is causing this problem?
Prompt has been removed to allow for a faster start of Windows 98.
Which statements are found in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file?
How can you get a print out of the system config on a Windows 9x operating system?
From the Device Manager, Select Print
Under Windows 2000 you consistently receive "Out of Memory" errors when running multiple applications. To avoid having to upgrade RAM immediately you choose to first?
Increase the Paging file in the Control panel.
Which Windows 9x files are text files?
(a) Scandisk.Log (b) CONFIG.SYS
(c) Programs.TXT (d) MSDOS.SYS