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Intentional Torts Against Persons



Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress

*Defamation: Libel, slander

*Invasion of Privacy: appropriation of identity, intrusion into affairs, false light, public disclosure of private facts


*Fraudulent Misrepresentation

*Abusive or Frivolous Litigation

*Interference with a contractual relationship

Intentional Torts against Property

*Trespass to land

*Trespass to personal property


*Disparagement of property


Elements of Negligence:






threat of immediate harm or offensive contact


harmful or offensive physical contact intentionally performed

*Does NOT require physical injury


Wrongfully hurting a person's good reputation

*LAW = imposes duty on all persons to refrain from making false statements


*Libel = general damages to compensate for nonspecific harms

* Slander= most prove special damages that the slanderous statement caused actual econ/monetary loss

Invasion of Privacy

Highly offensive, invasion of privacy

Appropriation of Identity

use of the person's name, picture or other likeness for commercial purpose w/o permission

Intrusion into an Individual's Affairs

Invasion of privacy