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3 part test

Caparo industries PLC v dickman

Caparo test parts

Was the damage or loss foreseeable?

Is there sufficient proximity between the wrong doer and the victim?

Is it fair, reasonable and just to impose a duty of care ?


Langley v dray


Bourhill v young

Fair just and reasonable

Hill v west yorkshire police

Reasonable man

Blyth v Birmingham waterworks objective

Types of reasonable Man

Ordinary people

The learner

The professional

Young people

Ordinary person

Wells v cooper

The learner

Nettleship v Weston

Conditions for the professional

Conduct fall below standard

Support for course taken

The professional

Roe v minister of health

Young people

Mullin v Richards

4 factors effecting the standard of care

Special characteristics of the claimant

Size of the risk

All practical precautions taken

Benefits of taking the risk

Special characteristics

Paris v Stepney borough council

Size of the risk

Bolton v stone

Have so practical precautions been taken

Latimer v AEC

What are the benefits of taking the risk

Watt v Hertfordshire county council

Factual causation

Barnett v Chelsea and Kensington hospital management

Res IPSA loquitur 3 part

The thing wholly under defendant control

Accident that caused damage required negligence

No other explanation

Scott v London docks

Burden of proof on defense