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White or white and thin
Wind, cold or dampness in the exterior (or normal)
White, thin & slippery
Exterior attack of damp-cold
White thick & slippery
Dampness in middle burner (ST/SP)
Cold w/retention of food in ST
White, thin & dry
Blood def (body pale)
Yang def (body pale)
Exterior attack of wind-cold or wind-heat, Lung fluids injured (body color normal)
Exterior attack of dryness (body color normal)
White, thick & wet
Exterior attack of wind-cold (body color normal)
Interior damp-cold in middle burner (body normal)
White, thick & dry
Dirty fluids in interior w/heat
White, thick & greasy
Yang def w/retention of food or dampness
White, thick, greasy & slippery
Spleen yang def w/damp-cold or phlegm