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After many peace corps teachers return to the States, _________ professional English teachers.

- often they become
- they often become
- and often become
they often become
__ his illness, John continued to play rugby.
- Despite
- Although
- Even though
_______ that the American Indian crossed a land bridge into North America from what is now Russia.
- It is considered
- It is thought
- It was thought
It is thought
______ the Depression, individual stock ownership was common in the United States.
- It was during
- By the time of
- Because
By the time of
Never before _____ as rapidly, as during the last three decades.

- communications have developed

- have communications developed

- have developed communications
have communications developed
It is not yet clearly understood ____ cause obesity.

- why eating too many hamburgers can

- why can eating too many hamburgers

- eating too many hamburgers can
why eating too many hamburgers can